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Noise Cancelling Headset,aviation headset,airline headsetThe NC-020 is active noise cancelling headset for travel purpose.Enjoy the music and reduce the background noise where you are in the train,airplane and bus. 2 To 1 Airline Aviation Headset Headphone Plug AdapterAirlines typically have a dual prong jack and your headphones have a single plug, connecting a single headphone plug will result in mono sound in only one ear!
View DetailsBose x noise canceling aviation headset with dual plug for fixed wing aircraft!

The Avaya AH460N SupraElite headset sets new standards in all-day comfort and reliability for telephone professionals. Enhanced audio quality with a wider receive-side frequency response band, improved headset features such as intelligent flexible boom and stylish design, all bring greater audio accuracy and headset flexibility to the contact center or office professional.
Designed for all-day wearing comfort, the AH460N SupraElite hosts a binaural headband and includes a noise-canceling microphone.

SupraElite is compatible with all Avaya amplifiers, USB to-headset adapters, headset-ready phones and agent consoles.Material.

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