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If at least to one of the above questions you answered 'Yes', you should stop wasting your money for plugs that aren't effective and get Kandego premium PU foam ear plugs.
We have such a strong confidence in our product that we offer you a 90-day no questions asked, no hassle free product replacement guarantee. I used to be able to sleep through loud noises whereas sneaky quieter noises tended to awaken me. These Kandego Ear Plugs are great!I have tried lots of ear plugs, but these are really good ones!

Are you tired of noisy neighbours or roommates who don't allow you to get a good night's rest? They come in a big pack of 30 pcs and every pair of ear plugs is packed separately, what makes it comfortable to carry!Usually I use them while shooting with gun and they perfectly lowers the sound.Also, the seller is really doing great job with customer service an follow up!Wold definitely recommend to get these ear plugs! Or is it that your significant other snores loudly and constantly makes you wake up at night? They're also easier to insert into the ear canal and when they expand, it's nearly impossible to feel that they're there.

Initially, very lightweight foam plugs seemed to be my best bet and last year I bought a 200 pack of Howard Leight MAX1 earplugs after having first tried them in 2013.

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