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How the headphones are designed to prevent them from slipping off your ears or falling off your head. If you plan on using the headphones while doing sports or other physical activities that requires a lot of movement. These headphones are stable enough for regular casual use but will quickly fall off your head while running.
When the material is heavy on bass frequencies, such as those of kick drums and bass guitar. The amount of deviation (weighted standard error) in bass frequency response (20Hz-250Hz) as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people. The amount of deviation (weighted standard error) in mid frequency response (250Hz-2.5KHz) as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people. When the material is heavy on high-range frequencies, such as voice, cymbals, and any other material where brightness, brilliance and airiness is desired. The amount of deviation (weighted standard error) in treble frequency response (2.5KHz-20KHz) as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people.
When clean and pure sound reproduction is desired, though its effect is not as noticable as frequency response.
Many of the sounds in the chart above are unavoidable on a day to day basis, but turns out that speaker systems and headphones also can cause damage if the volume is set too high.
This is an example of an in ear monitor, it fits straight into the inner ear canal and isolates most outside noise. Earbuds, headphones which rest in your outer ear generally don’t isolate as well as headphones which have active noise cancelling or fit directly into the ear canal.
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The headband is flexible and the ear cups swivel to provide a good fit on the listener's head. They have a dark gray color scheme with black accents on the ear cups, headband and padding. The headband is not broad enough to prevent, the slightly heavy ear cups from swaying, during physical activity.
The bass is punchy, melodious and not overhyped and the core harmonics of instruments are also well represented.
The only remarkable issue here is the 4dB over-emphasis in high-bass, which adds a slight boominess to the sound.
The overall midrange response is a little slanted, clearly showing the bass-heavy and treble-light sound of the headphones.
Except for the high-treble, where there is a little bit of overemphasis, the rest of the treble range is noticeably underemphasized.
To make the score more perceptually relevant, more weight is given to the higher frequencies. The active noise cancellation is strong enough to block ambient noise in moderately noisy environments and if you can achieve a good seal with the small ear cups, they won't leak too much sound. Noise isolation is not the best but is sufficient for office-like environments, provided you can achieve a good seal with the small earcups.

They're not ideal for gym use but on the upside, the cable will detach if its hooked by something. However, the metal frame is thin, the headband creaks a lot under stress and the joints are made of plastic, which is susceptible to breaking. Unfortunately, the dip in the higher tones causes vocals and lead instruments, like guitars, to sound weak and overshadowed, especially because the lower tones are slightly amplified. The over-emphasis in low-mid is the continuation of the bump from high-bass, adding a bit of a boxy quality to the sound. The bump in the right earcup could be the result of a loose part in the headphones, or simply a bad seal caused by the headphones' stiff and small (for an over-ear headphone) earpads. However, the noise cancellation is not efficient enough to provide an isolated experience in very loud environments, such as on a plane.
The ear cup size also may not fit around every ear, which can cause some discomfort over long listening sessions.
The plastic used for the earcups also feels a little cheap, which lessens their build quality. Typically these relate to the number of rings (or poles) and what these poles are used for.

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