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You are currently viewing our boards as a NON JUNKIE which gives you limited access to view most discussions and our other features. I know the purpose of ear muffs is to block sound waves from reaching your ears through the use of certain insulating materials. My question is, from a hearing protection standpoint, is the impact on the user's ear the same? What about if you are wearing the noise cancelling head phones while using jackhammer, and blasting your fav Metallica tunes on the ipod?

That's my point, I want to save my ears from machinery and tools so that I can destroy them by listening to good music and movies. I use my iphone for music while riding, so I can go deaf, text and watch porn at the same time. Although it is difficult to accept that adding two sounds can result in zero sound, you need to remember that sound is a compression wave in air or other media.
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