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The Bose QuietComfort 2® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones aka QC2 are built on TriPort acoustic headphone structure – a Bose exclusive technology which features tiny ports in the earcups to produce a rich audio performance. Despite the complex circuitry involving a microphone to detect and cancel ambient noise, the headphones do not miss a single note or beat of your music. However, if these headphones were foldable, they could have fit into an almost half sized case just like their successors, QC3. With an overall score* of little over 4, woikr recommends these headphones to audiophiles, frequent flyers and avid music listeners. In tests by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute these headphones proved best for sound quality, noise cancellation, ease of use, and comfort. Another week has come and gone, and I have many more stories to tell and pictures to share.
This was the delivery flight from the Airbus factory in Hamburg to Hamad International in Doha. As such, the service on board is likely to have been different from the normal scheduled flights that will commence with the inaugural Doha to London Heathrow service on October 10.
Boarding took place relatively quickly, with about 100 seats occupied out of the total 517 seats.
Upstairs there is a rear cabin for economy, the lounge, and then one large cabin of business class seats, a galley and at the front a smaller cabin of just eight first class suites. ECONOMY CLASS - 56 seats on the upper deck in a 2-4-2 configuration, 405 seats on the main deck in a 3-4-3 configuration.
The immediate impression of the business class cabin on the upper deck is one of spaciousness. The 1-2-1 configuration (A-EF-K) means there is a lot of space for each seat, the aisle seems wide, and the angle of the seat allows you to avoid making eye contact with anyone, although it's not difficult to chat to your neighbour across the aisle should you wish. Bear in mind that the cost of having such a spacious cabin is that the overhead bins are smaller than on the main deck.
As you'd expect, above the two centre seats this means that a standard wheel-on bag has to be placed in sideways rather than end-on.
Above the window seats the bins are smaller still, although you can fit in wheel-on these bags, but again, sideways, and even my laptop bag had to go on its side. The window seats all have bins next to then, all with a sign saying "No stowage", which is strange because they open and you can place small items in there. That said, there’s plenty of room around the seat, and while I worked I kept my laptop bag by my feet with no problem. There's a large side-table area for keeping books and the various bags and blankets, while under the footstool you can place items during the flight. In addition, there is a good-sized foot locker, while under the armrest there is enough room for a water bottle and noise-cancelling headphones. Speaking of wifi, there were several different pricing schemes available, from three hours to the whole flight (which cost $22). The large, 17-inch IFE touchscreen worked well, allowing you to control the screen using the handset, on which you can watch a second programme (so you could have the moving map on one, while watching a programme on the other). This is not quite as intuitive as it might be, but having used the system on previous Qatar Airways flights I soon remembered how to ensure that the right picture appeared on the right screen — it's rather like plugging your laptop into an overhead projector.
The amenity kit is first class, with a separate bag with flight socks, eye mask and ear plugs, while the main Giorgio Armani bag had after-shave, all over body shampoo and after-shave balm. The cabin is in Qatar colours and with the mood-lighting employed made for a relaxing and pleasing look.
The interior was, of course, spotless, and at one point CEO Akbar Al Baker politely asked a cameraman to take care when his camera knocked into the sides of the cabin around the doorway.
All seats have direct aisle access, so no preference there, but I would go for a window seat closer to the front of the cabin. There, you will have the clearest view away from the giant wings (you may like looking at the wings, however, as they are incredible). I'd avoid the back row (22) because the lounge is directly behind and also the front row (10) because this is close to the galley.
This would be fine for screening out someone while you are reclined, but if sitting upright you would be able to make eye contact.

Since this was a delivery flight with media on board, it was also a showcase for the food being offered.
The menu was therefore a mix of both breakfast and lunch items, chosen by the passenger and served by the flight attendants a la carte. I had the Vineet chicken which was very nice, and not too filling, leaving room for dessert. Ceylon, Ceylon Spice Chai, chamomile, decaffeinated, English breakfast, Earl Grey, jasmine, mint, Oolong, American, cappuccino, decaffeinated, espresso, latté and macchiato, hot chocolate.
Business class was full, although whether we had extra flight attendants looking after us is hard to tell.
As I was working and this was a day flight, I didn't sleep, but I did recline the seat fully-flat, lie down and try a few different sleeping positions. There's lots of room, particularly with the wide armrest down, and a comfortable sleep blanket.
We had a fly-by of the Doha corniche before landing at Hamad International, where there was a press conference. In business class, the fully-flat bed is superb, the cabin very spacious, and the large lounge a pleasure to visit every few hours and stretch your legs. This is among the best business class cabins and seats in the world, on one of the best aircraft.
The Qatar business class seat looks good but as I am traveling with my partner (husband) we would like to be able to communicate without having to shout to each other. They have an unparalleled offering of audio solutions ranging from personal audio systems to home and professional audio solutions.
The headphones also sport the patented Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphone technology which electronically identifies and reduces unwanted noise while preserving the audio. This technology uses a microphone to receive (read hear) the ambient noise and then adds a negative frequency of the same value to the audio.
When you are listening to music, you won’t even hear the persons standing next to you even if they are yelling. The detachable audio cable has a switch to select the input source type.  You can choose either low amplified source (such as iPod) or a high amplified source (such as in-flight entertainment system).
It would have been good to provide an option to use them with the noise cancellation switched off.
At a lower price you can get a lot of other headphones which offer the same set of features.
Its extraordinary presence and full body effortlessly position the vocals in front of loud instruments.
Beijing continues to teach me something new every day, whether it be about myself, the city, or China itself. The main deck is in four cabins, all economy (see "Qatar Airways A380 tour", September 17). Features an 80-inch fully-flat bed (with an effective pitch of 51 inches) and a 17-inch HD in-flight entertainment screen. This is partly because of the seat and partly because of the wifi and ability to make phone calls and send text messages (I only sent texts). This worked well, even with quite a few passengers making heavy use of the connecton to file reports and images of the flight. But note that the menus on particular flight sectors will no doubt be appropriate for the time of day and that this flight's menu was a mix of first and business class items. The food and drinks were brought individually with no trolleys coming up and down the aisle.
Certainly, there always seemed to be someone there when you needed a coffee or something else to eat.
It's a sizeable area which could have over a dozen people standing and sitting (six on either side) without being crowded. Some airlines really missed a great opportunity when designing and configuring their new flagship aircraft, and Qatar seem to have done a great job from what you've covered in your review.
6-7 hours from London and Paris isn't long enough to take advantage of all the goodies on board.

Choosing the middle 2 seats, they seem far apart even assuming you remove the screen between you.
Their USP is the technology they have developed after doing solid research in the field of sound. This is helpful when you are sitting in an already quiet location or are running low on batteries.
In doing so, the e 945 enriches the vocals with warm nuances that give them a lively fullness in the mix. All seats have direct aisle access and exclusive spa-like bathrooms with luxurious amenities.
This technology is far more superior to the other noise isolating technologies used in many headphones and earbuds.
You will be surprised to hear more instruments and voices in the same song when heard through these headphones. Finding it hard to find a business seat which is comfortable (my man is 1.96 tall) sitting, as well as sleeping, and still be close enough to have quiet conversation.
They work equally well at beaches, in trains or buses, or even when your boss comes around and asks you for the report he asked you to prepare ;).
Its extremely high resistance to feedback underscores the e 945’s affinity for very high volumes.
There hasn't been a single day the past two weeks there hasn't been the sound of explosions and flashes of light out our 13th story window.Which brings me to what we did for New Years Eve and New Years Day.
We are traveling from Melbourne to London and return in May 2015, anyone have any bright ideas about business class seat considering the above?
Thanks to the light weight, you won’t feel anything even if you wear them for hours on those long international flights.
For the first day since our January 21st arrival, my roommate and I had the opportunity to sleep in - which we did! Our day started around 09:00, which led us to a long walk around Houhai Hutong, then back to our dorm to watch the first set of nighttime fireworks. After about an hour or two, we ventured outside to take pictures of the people celebrating.
When we got our shots and more fireworks started going off, we headed back inside, tried to make it up to the roof of our 18 story building, failed, and found ourselves watching the dazzling display of the city illuminated by sounds of explosions and light.
We went to the Changdian Temple Fair to meet up with some of our program peers and had a lot of fun walking around the crowds and buying a few souvenirs for our friends and family.
I really recommend the Changdian Temple Fair for those who wish to buy calligraphy, art, antiques, or old-looking items for souvenirs. After that, my roommate and I split up from the group and went on a mission to find a 7-Eleven. We ended up finding it at Glory Mall, which is a rather nice (but expensive) mall, before heading home to sleep before class the next day.A Recap of the Last Tour DayThe last tour day started with a two-hour self-guided tour of the Summer Palace. My roommate and I found some out-of-the-way paths around the grounds, which I recommend for anyone to do (while still obeying signs and authorities, of course!). I was a little wary at first since as soon as I walked in it was all a flurry of activity and haggling voices, suspicious merchandise lining every walkway. Once you get the feel of it, bargaining gets easier and somewhat fun, and I was able to snag a lot of stuff. Ia€™d already been once before, visited Maoa€™s body, and walked around for about an hour, so there was nothing new to see here. Everyone ended up having to leave upon request of the guards as an important individual was arriving. I have mixed feelings about the show, because although it was beautiful, the audio and synchronization was off.

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