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These super smooth headphones wouldn’t be without the sublime sound of Denon and the Globe Cruisers have this in spades. Este importe incluye los aranceles, los impuestos, la corredurA­a y otras tarifas aplicables. Las tarifas de envA­o internacional e importaciA?n son pagadas en parte a Pitney Bowes Inc.
We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on all products, please include your ebay user name, address and reason for return with your purchase. Al enviar tu puja, te comprometes a comprar este artA­culo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador. Si pulsas Confirmar, te comprometes a comprar este artA­culo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador.

The WBC would like to report the status of the pilot program of noise cancelling headphone used by judges, which has been a clear success. The main objective of the use of noise cancelling head phones is to maximize concentration by the judges.
After three months of using the devises in several cities in Mexico, the experience has been extremely positive and the judges have expressed complete satisfaction and ability to concentrate in the actions. We have received a report from a ring official who is a airplane pilot and it is a fact that pilots use noise cancelling headphones, which allows them to concentrate and maximize their performance.
In summary the WBC strongly recommends all boxing commissions and federations to try the noise cancelling head phones for judges in 4, 6, 8 and 10-round fights and try by experience this proposed implementation. The super soft padding of the ear cushions combined with on-headset controls make these a set of headphones ideal for someone constantly on the move.

El empaquetado debe ser el mismo que se encontrarA­a en una tienda, a menos que el artA­culo haya sido empaquetado por el fabricante con material no destinado a su venta en tienda (por ejemplo una bolsa o caja sin etiquetas). Si resides en un Estado Miembro de la UE aparte de Reino Unido, el IVA de importaciA?n de esta compra no es recuperable.

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