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Perhaps there is no better way to relax than listening to your favorite music on headphones, but often the background noise around you is distracting. The great thing about it is that the wireless headset frees you from having all the tangled wires around you.
Many people enjoy listening to music while they wash up the dishes or do laundry, so wireless headphones are a boon for such people.
Noise-canceling wireless headphones can reduce ambient noise, allowing the user to enjoy greater peace of mind and listen to music at lower volumes.
To block lower frequency noises, noise-canceling headphones use an electronic panel that continuously samples the ambient noises and produces inverse waves to cancel their effect.
To achieve this, a small microphone in the ear cup feeds ambient noise to the panel, which generates an opposite waveform, sending it through the ear cups. High frequency noise in the immediate environment can largely be blocked by use of denser materials for construction of the ear cups.
In-canal ear buds, however glide comfortably in your ear and are more effective in blocking high frequency noise. Many leading companies have started producing headphones that use a combination of active and passive noise cancelling mechanisms for noise reduction purposes. After considering all the facts, the noise canceling headphones are good for people who are in right situations.
If you live in the city, or even within the country, noise canceling headphones are crucial to drown all the strange sounds present around you.
By having wireless headphones with a noise canceling feature you will be able to keep your hands free for other important tasks while you enjoy your music or listen to someone on the other end of the phone line. Also be sure to read consumer reviews to see what other buyers think about buying noise cancelling wireless headphones.
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BlueAnt T1 Bluetooth noise cancelling headset : BlueAnt is proud to launch the T1 headset, a durable, reliable Bluetooth device that has been designed to give high quality audio performance in the most challenging conditions.

The BlueAnt T1 is also the first and only Bluetooth headset to offer caller name announce, so you will always know who is calling because the T1 will read out the name of the incoming caller. Hier is jouw comfortabele, noise canceling, in-ear headset met Bluetooth en uitzonderlijke geluidskwaliteit!
Deze iso in-ears zijn voorzien van active noise cancelling en full-range audio prestaties die tevens omgevingsgeluiden elimineren en je diep onderdompelen in de muziek die je luistert, de film die je kijkt of de game die je speelt. Het ingebouwde bedieningspaneel, Bluetooth en de microfoon zorgen ervoor dat je handsfree telefoontjes kunt aannemen en plegen met een compatibel Bluetooth-telefoon, zonder je mobiel aan te raken. Zodra de bestelling is verzonden, ontvang je een e-mail met daarin track & trace informatie.
This is a listing of Digital Noise Cancelling Headset MDR-NC31EM's main features and functions.
These radios are designed to last you forever and to offer you amazing range and mobility, all at an affordable price. If you choose to listen to your favorite songs while dancing around the house to get your daily dose of exercise, then these headphones are a great addition to your electronic collection. Or maybe you want to sit on the patio on a bright sunny morning listening to the music and watching nature go through your headphones. By eliminating the competing sounds from the acoustic envelope, noise cancelling headphones create a more pleasant listening experience. This is known as Passive Noise Cancelling (PNC) and is particularly effective in larger headphone models. If a person wants to block the hum of the nearby garden equipment or listen to the favorite music on a coast, these headphones may be a good answer to these noise problems. In the city, of course you want to drown out the sound of cars and sirens, while the crickets in the country can bother you while you try to listen to your favorite songs. You can find quite a few different types of headphones via the internet, do a bit of research and compare prices. With prices above $300 mark for some brands, you have to shop around to get the best deals.
In addition to the sturdy earpiece, the T1 features removable and interchangeable patent-pending, soft-touch silicon covers that protect and cushion the headset from minor bumps and accidental impact.

Responding to the call is as easy as saying the words “Answer” or “Ignore,” leaving the user hands free to focus on their task at hand.
One of the keys to our success is that our devices are designed to naturally integrate into our customers’ lives; with the T1 noise cancel headset, this now includes active and mobile lifestyles in a variety of environments,” said Taisen Maddern, Executive Chairman of BlueAnt Wireless.
Ben jij op zoek naar comfortabele in-ears met een uitzonderlijke geluidskwaliteit, Bluetooth, ingebouwde bediening en microfoon? The downside is that PNC is not suitable for lightweight headphones or in-ear headphones that sit at the open end of the ear canal.
It is not well suited for constantly changing sounds or a cacophony of hustle and bustle in general. Developed over the course of years of research into wind noise performance, this solution combines patent-pending design features with BlueAnt’s proprietary noise cancellation software to deliver clear audio in wind speeds up to 22 mph, the best wind noise reduction of any Bluetooth headset on the market. The Text To Speech engine will store up to 2,000 phone book entries per paired device for caller name announce.
BlueAnt T1 headset users will also enjoy the Simply Connect experience that BlueAnt pioneered in mobile headsets. Deze in-ears zijn ontworpen om jou te voorzien van een uitzonderlijke geluidskwaliteit, terwijl ze je tevens bevrijden van afleidende achtergrondgeluiden en verwarde kabels.
Also, people who prefer to have lightweight ear cups find these noise-canceling headphones a bit costly. Available in stores in May, the T1 provides 6 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time and has an MSRP of $79.99. BlueAnt’s Simply Connect technology talks the user through setup and pairing, and automatically connects and reconnects the headset with notification. The BlueAnt T1 noise cancelling headset also offers A2DP for streaming audio of podcasts and turn-by-turn directions from GPS applications on your mobile phone. The BlueAnt T1 also offers true multipoint to connect and conduct calls on two mobile phones simultaneously, and is firmware upgradable through BlueAnt’s free updater software.

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