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With its 40mm dynamic driver unit boosted by Digital Equalizer and Beat Response Control technologies to enhance mid-range vocals and deep bass, the headphones feature Bluetooth and NFC abilities so you can stream music to the headphones, and Digital Noise Canceling that offers an improved rate by accurate signal processing as compared to Analog Noise Canceling. Employing neodymium magnets encased in a metal housing to prevent any unnecessary vibrations, the new in-ear headphones all feature a tangle-free serrated cord.
We thank all our supporters who have helped us garner these prestigious media awards in the industry!
This gallery provides examples of some of the products that have used our voice solutions to add value. The Bluetooth Speakerphone you will hear from afar - Features Twin V Array Technology for enhanced audio power.
Perfectly user-friendly - A big, rotary button to keep your "hands free" as much as possible. Whether wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth-enabled navigation system, Bluetooth mobile phone or smartphone or to an A2DP Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player, the Interphone F3XT is the perfect multimedia control center.
The new InterphoneF4XT integrates and improves all the features which have made Interphone a leading product in the motorcycle and bike-to-bike communication market. Intercom up to 500m, GPS instructions, mobile phones and wireless hi-fi stereo music make Interphone F4XT a real multimedia entertainment system, a faithful travel companion to enjoy in company but also when travelling alone. The Interphone F5XT is the first Bluetooth Intercom to be released with advanced intercom features.
The frustration of hearing mysterious beep tones has been eliminated with the Text to Speech (TTS) feature of the F5XT. The SuperTooth HD VOICE is the first multi-language Bluetooth speakerphone requiring no installation. After choosing your language, the SuperTooth HD VOICE guides you through the pairing process. Using Multipoint Pro™, iO PLAY2 can connect up to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Designed with the modern vehicle interior in mind, the iO PLAY2 removable OLED screen & controller looks great on any dashboard.
Windscreen wiper controls, a stereo interface, wing-mirror adjusters and an air conditioning panel. Phonak ComPilot is your perfect 3-in-1 companion, offering true convenience, wireless freedom and the reassurance of VoiceAlerts.
TTS voice announcement for the caller id and the ASR function for using the carkit by voice only are the highlights of this new member of the Vossor family.
Built in phone book, the phone numbers on the mobile phone can be transferred to the car kit. USB port for software upgrades (Connect the car kit to your computer to upgrade the car kit’s firmware). Supports call waiting function, you will be never worry about missing a call when talking on the phone.
To start with, its voice gives you simple pairing instructions the first time you turn it on.
Jabra CRUISER has many great additional features including it's voice announcements, which not only provide pairing instructions and connectivity and battery status information, but also accesses your address book to announce the name of inbound callers. The user friendly HBM-570 includes options such as Name Alert to announce incoming caller ID, voice dialing, last number redial, call waiting, call reject and auto-reconnect. The LG HFB-510 boasts high-quality sound output, thanks to noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technology.
Simply clip T325 to your sun visor and you'll have hands-free convenience always there for you. Play all of your favorite songs on your BlackBerry® smartphone through your car stereo - or answer and initiate phone calls hands-free with the BlackBerry® Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605. Driver friendly - the Jabra SP700 offers a new level of usability and safety for Bluetooth speakerphones.
The Supertooth Visor Voice is a portable Bluetooth hands free solution for use in your car.
Using Text to Speech Technology (TTS) the Visor Voice announces the name of the person who is calling and through its vocal recognition system, all you have to do to is reply 'ok' to accept the call.

When you're driving, safety comes first: you need your hands at the wheel and your eyes ion the road.
Many state laws require you to use a hands-free device if you are driving behind the wheel, and with good reason. Using Bluetooth technology, the new iO Visor handsfree kit allows you to safely make and receive calls from your mobile phone while on the road! The gooseneck and air vent holder provide ergonomic and flexible mounting in nearly any position. Whether the sun is shining or clouds are in the sky, the position of the sun visor doesn't matter, the SeecodeTube is always in the right position. The Linga has the multi pointing ability and can be used with 2 cell phones at the same time. The Text-To-Speech Voice to announce caller name or operation status in 5 languages(EN, ES, FR, DE, IT). BluAce BA-508-TTS Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone is compatible with most Bluetooth mobile phones. Slim design for full mobility is the ideal wireless communication solution for car, office and home use within a maximum range of 10 meters. The BluBridge auto-talk is the ultimate accessory for safe, hands-free phone calls while on the road.
Large buttons and text-to-speech caller announcement decrease driver distractions by eliminating the need to search for buttons or read the name of an incoming caller. So it’s been forever since I have posted here but life has been crazy over the past 6 months. Well with a 2000 mile round trip to Old Town Florida coming up I figured it was time to rebuild my snout!
So a good friend of mine has been having a strange noise coming from his drive-line in his F-150 SVT Lightning. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Extra Bass XB70AP and XB50AP In-ear headphones are ideal for music lovers who like their songs loud and with a heavy beat. One added feature, available exclusively to Xperia smartphone users, is the ability to control the volume, and changing of music tracks from the smartphone itself via the Smart Key app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store.
In that time we have been adopted by many leading brands, including Motorola, Jabra, LG, Supertooth and Phonak.
The operation of the aerodynamically shaped, 100% waterproof F3XT module is easy to use and intuitive, even when wearing gloves. TTS gives audible voice indications when the intercom connects, disconnects, music plays or pauses, and when a phone call is incoming. When you have an incoming call, the SuperTooth HD VOICE says the name of the caller, and you say “OK" to pick up the call. The loudspeaker, microphone, phonebook and display are fully integrated and placed in the optimum position at face level. After that you just put it on your sun-visor and it will connect automatically with your mobile every time. This technology is currently utilized in all of Jabra's high-end headsets, and has proven to drastically improve calling quality by eliminating background noise while enhancing voice. Better still, it's an environmentally friendly choice, recharging your phone with its built-in solar backing.
This stylish, versatile new speakerphone can be used on its own or to transmit the calls to your car's audio system with no installation necessary.
Intuitive voice announcements give you the speakerphone's status so you can keep your eyes on the road. There's no time to check your mobile to see who's calling, so TheTalkyOne tells you, out load, in your language.
The perfect way to stay safe and still carry conversations in the car is with the use of a hands-free device. Even the callers telephone number is spoken on an incoming call (this feature can be turned off).

They provide a clear view, in close range of the driver, which can be easily adjusted for the comfort of the individual. Its clever design allows you to switch its position without re-moving it from the sun visor whilst maintaining a clear view and perfect alignment of the display, microphone and loudspeaker. The voice transmittance (TTS-text to speech) is announcing names and numbers of stored callers.
It features superior sound quality and noise reduction, with and excellent standby time and up to 12 hours talk time.
The Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature enable the unit to read out incoming caller's name or phone number in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Built-in with Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression, the BA-508-TTS provides you with impeccable sound quality in full duplex mode. With sufficient power charging from Sunlight for 2 hours, it provides a duration of up to 1 hour talk time.
These two headphones also come with a Powered Bass Duct for extra bass performance, and come packaged with hybrid silicone rubber earbuds that minimize audio leakage. It is the ideal intercom solution for communication between rider and passenger, so for travel for two on a motorcycle. The F5XT TTS feature will also tell you who is calling so you can avoid answering the call if desired. The SuperTooth HD VOICE also indicates the battery level and connection status, and announces GPS instructions from your smartphone. The built-in remote control is designed for ease of use with convenient program and volume changes. The HBM-570 is lightweight and offers fast and easy pairing, multiple communication options and convenient volume control. What's more, this compact device can also be used to stream music stored on your mobile phone through your car stereo speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite track while driving.
Plus, excellent audio quality is guaranteed thanks to the advanced DSP noise reduction & echo cancellation that insure crystal clear sound quality on both sides of the call. It has a function to remove echoes and restrain noises Using DSP, you can enjoy clear music using the Music devices which Support A2DP such as a mobile phone device, i-POD through the body of ENA-9000 or cars?® audio systems which are taken FM transmission methods. The large keyboard allows quick and easy handling of calls, useful for those whose fingers are not so nimble. Despite its small size, the SeecodeTube has a great specification, including phone book recognition. The clear and ergonomical designed soft-touch controls allow a save and comfortable handling while driving. By using Solar-powered charging, the talk time and stand-by time will be extended continuously without additional battery charging. Bluetooth 3.0 technology gives the F5XT the longest battery life of any Bluetooth intercom to date.
The Jabra CRUISER2 will then say the names of the contacts in your phonebook when they call. The DCS-BT1 can be easily clipped onto your visor, or wherever you prefer with the provided visor-clip. Moreover, supporting TTS which let you know the condition of the device, even though you don't check the LED, You can notice the condition. The crystal clear display is linked to your mobile phone book and shows the name or number of the person calling. Plus DSP technology, BLUETOOTH V2.1+EDR technology, patent sleek design, Avantalk Joytune is a high-quality, easy-use, nice-look Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit. And when you answer, Noise Blackout™ technology and a dual microphone system ensure the conversation always sounds just right.

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