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DefendEar Digital hearing protection from Westone Laboratories provides a comfortable modular earpiece that attenuates loud sounds while allowing normal sound to pass through. This entry was posted in Misc and tagged defendear digital hearing protection, hearing protection by admin. Most protective headgear just muffles the sounds around you, nothing is blocked enough for complete protection.
And don’t even think of trying to communicate out in the field with the usual devices, it simply won’t happen. DefendEar offers 3 models, Digital 1 which is perfect for all around shooting, Digital 2 for target shooting and field shooting and DefendEar Hunter which adds a wind noise reduction feature.
Powered by AAA batteries, its automatic filters completely shut out all high decibel sounds, like gunfire and sirens.

What is left is everything on the lower end of the decibel scale, like forest noises and human speech. Two filtered directional microphones mounted on the exterior, above the cushioned ear cups provides clear, natural sounds through a top-of-the-line stereo system. Natural sounds, traffic noises and human speech will all come through with complete clarity. This makes using communication devices and trackers easier to use, and be heard, without having to tote around a separate power supply. You may need to keep the volume of the radio on low or an individual ear at a higher volume in order to catch external sounds.Ways That You Can Test the Limits of Your MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X UnitBecause any sensitive electronics can be damaged during shipment, it is recommended that you field test the headset before using for active shooting. With the ear cuffs adjusted for comfort, attempt to hold a conversation with the person next to you.

Because the race sounds should be automatically filtered out, speaking and hearing clearly should happen without too much trouble.If none of the above tests are successful, then your MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X headset is not working properly. Contact the manufacturer for an immediate return.The Great OptionsThe standard headset is available with a plain impact resistant black resin band, black leather band, or camouflage band.

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