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Cat-Ears are bicycle helmet attachments that are claimed to reduce wind noise in the cyclist's ears.
Sometimes when you’re cycling, especially if you’re out on the open road, the constant wind noise in your ears can get rather annoying. Wind noise is ordinarily created when air flows over and around the ear, creating audible turbulence as it does so. They reportedly reduce wind noise by 40 to 60 percent, but because they don’t actually cover the ears (which a headband would), they don’t compromise the wearer’s hearing.

Modeled after the tufts of fur at the front of a cat’s ear canal, the faux fur Cat-Ears attach with Velcro to the helmet straps in front of the rider’s ears, dampening and deflecting that air flow. Also, if you’re not one for the sideburns look, the company does also offer models made from less funny-looking fleece. Slipstreamz is one of the companies that currently offers something sort of similar, although it isn't made from sound-deadening fur or fleece, and requires the helmet strap to be twisted.
Well, if you’re OK with sporting what at first glance looks like a pair of dark sideburns, Cat-Ears might be the answer.

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