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Epidemiology 30 million adults in United States are exposed to hazardous occupational sound levels (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, 2000). Temporary Threshold Shift Exposure to loud noise for seconds to hours may cause SNHL that recovers within 16-24 hours. Macro-mechanical theory Traveling sound wave produces movement of basilar membrane Central part of basilar membrane undergoes maximum rocking vibration. Among these 30 million, 1 in 4 will acquire a permanent hearing loss (American Academy of Audiology, 2003). Brains of children cope with loud noise by sound filtering which also includes human speech.
Rate of hearing loss in chronic NIHL is greatest during first 10-15 years of exposure & decreases later as hearing worsens.

Right-handed shooters have more severe left ear deafness (left ear faces barrel while right ear is in acoustic shadow of head). This part houses outer hair cells (especially inner row) hence they are subjected to maximum damage. Definitions Noise = wrong sound, in wrong place, at wrong time (Park & Park) Acoustic Trauma = sudden, permanent.
Similarly, Tractor operators look over their right shoulder, exposing their left ear to noise of prime mover + exhaust & their right ear gets shielded.
Intensity & duration of exposure: noise > 85 dBA for 8 hr time weighted average is unsafe 3.
NIPTS can be reduced by adding prior exposure at lower levels (toughening or conditioning of ear).

Conductive deafness: gives protection (?) against NIHL as less sound gets conducted to inner ear 9. Diabetes mellitus, Hyper-cholesterolemia, Cardiovascular disease: increase risk of NIHL (?) 14.

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