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To many, wireless earphones are usually minus the cable connecting to your smartphone, iPod or other audio source, and have only the connecting cable between the earphones themselves.
Earin – a new brand created and led by Olle Linden, who's worked with companies such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson – has announced a new set of earbuds with a difference. A Kickstarter project, the Earin earbuds do away with the connecting cable, meaning you're left with two individual buds to insert into your ears. The earbuds weigh 5g and sport a plastic casing with a silicon tip to create a noise-isolating fit in the ear. The Earin earbuds are fitted with a 50mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which claims to offer up to three hours of playback time. The Earin earbuds come bundled with three different foam tip sizes as well as a "Concha lock". The Earin earbuds are currently halfway toward their Kickstarter goal of ?179,000 and customers who pledge ?99 or more will guarantee themselves a pair of Earin earbuds and a wireless charging capsule upon launch, which is expected to be January 2015.

Showcased at CES 2015 Unveiled, the intuitive device allows you to mix music, ambient noise, and your own voice in equal measure. Although the earbuds do a decent job blocking outside noises on their own, their promise shines once you pair the device with the accompanying mobile app for Android and iOS devices.
The Mix360 headphones utilize two outward-facing microphones for situational awareness, meaning even when you’re blasting the latest T. Likewise, adjusting the voice slider allows you to alter the way you hear your own vocals, much akin to the way musicians utilize monitors when singing. The ONvocal Mix360 is launches in May 2015, with ongoing preorders set at $300 and an initial retail price of $350. They also come with a storage capsule, which is fitted with a 100mAh Li-Ion battery capable of recharging the earbuds when they're not in use (the capsule is recharged via USB).
The sound-isolating headphones rest on the back of your neck and feature a pair of foam tips that come in an array of sizes.

Doing so brings up a basic display panel showcasing three different sliders (source, ambient, and voice) each of which controls a different aspect of the sound mix you’re hearing.
The flexible headphones also feature a set of inline controls on the right earbud for accepting or ending calls, along with the ability to respond to various voice commands via Siri and Google Now.
ONvocal’s Mix360 is looking to alleviate said woes, though, allowing you to adjust the levels of ambient noise at your leisure.
Sure, it comes off as a bit gimmicky at first, but the patented technology works far better than you might believe. Turning up the ambient slider, for instance, allows you to create a 3D soundscape that essentially does away the headphones’ noise-isolation.

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