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PRFC is applied to the retail price to fund the recycling and safe disposal of old electrical and electronic equipment. Ultimate Ears today introduced the Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones in five music genre-inspired designs having five colors viz. Many professional musicians use their Ultimate Ears Custom Stage Earphones to show off their style.
The Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones allows users to match their mood to their musical tastes and because these earphones are tuned by the same engineers who tune stage earphones for your favorite artists, they promise to deliver superior acoustics. On top of delivering superior acoustics, the Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones also feature up to 24 dBs of noise isolation so you can enjoy your music without distraction. Additionally, each pair of earphones comes with four sizes of ear cushions so you get a snug, comfortable fit for periods of extended listening. To help you find earphones that help you express your style, musical preferences, or just your favorite color, Ultimate Ears developed five designs that are radically different – just like you. Inspired by the stylistic elements of hip hop, the Ultimate Ears 100 Green Cells features a shiny black casing accented with vibrant green silicone ear cushions and urban-flavored artwork. For those with a creative edge, the Ultimate Ears 100 Red Blossom takes its inspiration from the distinct imaginative concepts that songwriters use to compile new songs.
Evoking an electronic feel, the Ultimate Ears 100 Purple Splatter presents a crisp white casing that’s accented with purple ear cushions and matching artwork. Influenced by synthesized, electro tracks, the Ultimate Ears 100 Purple Splatter blends perfectly with everything from the reggae beats of Pepper to the gritty mixes of DJ Shy.

Emboldened with striking artwork and a metal grey housing, the Ultimate Ears 100 Grey Industry reflects the strong rock chords that influenced its creation. Taking its cue from the stage presence of bands such as Switchfoot and Sugar Ray, the Ultimate Ears 100 Grey Industry embodies the excitement of the best rock bands in performance.
The Ultimate Ears 100 Blue Robots features a blue robot on each earphone – and includes a deep blue cable and aqua blue ear cushions. Inspired by the proud independence of the hipster culture, the Ultimate Ears 100 Blue Robots is the perfect mix of originality and simplicity.
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Enjoy a comfortable fit and an enhanced sound quality with the help of the Tangle-Resistant Noise-Isolating Stereo Earphones.
Advanced SpecificationsMonoprice 108322 Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Stud Earphones, BlackGet your bling on with these stylish Monoprice earphones!
If you are interested in taking advantage of a free WEEE Take-Back recycling service, please follow the link to find out how. Whether you’re enjoying Alicia Keys, LIGHTS or Miranda Lambert, these earphones are the perfect extension of your eclectic taste. The best aspect of these earphones is that they won’t tangle up in your pocket, backpack or purse. Not only do these black 3.5mm Earbuds sound good, but they look good too, with a faux-diamond stud on each bud.

With a sensitivity of 98 dB and a noise-isolating design, these earphones will provide plenty of volume to keep the world outside and the music inside your ears. So you will be free from spending those painful hours trying to free up your earphones from a tangled mess.
The 47 cord is long enough to give you the freedom to move about and to keep your iPod safely in your pocket when you're mobile. The in-ear design will also reduce ambient noise from the surrounding so that you get to listen to your music with ease. It isn't enough to just have dazzling sound in a pair of earphones, you need some visual dazzle to go with them. The earphones are compatible with both Android and Apple phones and is a versatile set for music lovers. These babies come with large faux diamond studs at the end of each black aluminum earpiece. Choose from the 6 beautiful colors available and add a musical touch to your outdoor lifestyle.

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