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The Shure SE846 Earphones feature Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers with True Subwoofer that deliver extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance in a patent-pending design. Shure has upped it's game even further with the new SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphones. The breakthrough innovation in the SE846's design is its four custom-engineered drivers, each responsible for its own frequency range. Another breakthrough with the Shure SE846 Earphones is its customizable sound signatures using swappable nozzle inserts. It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways!
UPDATE: Congrats to Claudette who won the Customs, and Hao in Pittsburgh, PA, AJ in NY, Tran in Fountain Valley, CA, Yiorgos in Valencia, Spain, and Martins in Latvia who won the UE 700s!
Giveaway 1: For a chance to win, the UE 18 Pro In-Ear Monitors, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 3rd (PST) ~ sharing your best live music experience.
The best music experience i had was when i bought my superfi 5., I NEVER KNEW THAT MUSIC COULD MAKE THAT EFFECT IN PEOPLE. That’s easy, my favorite musical experience was seeing Interpol for the first time 4 years ago. My best music experience was in hong kong with maximillain hecker with his depressed voice.
As soon as our show was over, we packed up the gear, sold some CDs (no t-shirts, though) and piled back into the van, and drove the six-hour hypotenuse to a very flat highway triangle, making it to Akron just in time for the Tom Waits show. As soon as Waits walked onto the stage, dressed in his signature slouch jacket and pork-pie hat, time ceased to be meaningful. So I hitched a ride through the Baghdad streets on a convoy to get to the other camp (with my commander’s permission) and I trekked out to see him perform. Best live music experience ever was watching Horse Feathers sing their version of Orphan Girl by Gillian Welch. I came home exhausted from a camping trip to find that JAMES BROWN would be performing just minutes from my house. A few years back, Kings of Convenience and Feist performed in a cozy little downtown Dallas venue.
I attended a Miike Snow concert back in October and I was totally amazed at how creatively they mixed their songs live.
When I was a sophomore in high school, my good friend and I went to see Esbjorn Svensson Trio, a Swedish Jazz trio, at the Jazz Standard in NYC. I guess I’m still a newbie when it comes to live listening but my best live musical experience has to be seeing Marie Digby performing live at the Hotel Cafe last year!!! My favorite concert experience was in 2002 because I was backstage watching my father play bass with Warren Haynes. My best live music experience was seeing Muse at Gibson Amphitheater amongst several artists.
Spontaneous applause erupts when the lights glow a little brighter - on walks the distinguished gentleman giving a gentle wave to the crowd. This is a tough call with music being such a large part of my life as far back as I can remember. The music that I always hear is playing in my mind but MUCH MORE beautiful and the most pleasant to hear because it gives what I want to hear at that time and can skip the part that I don’t like. Although you get the best live music performance that you love, someday, it could be the most boring thing. I saw Suede at the Metro in Sydney Australia years ago and jumped up and down so much a couldn’t walk the next day, I think I compacted my spine but it was worth it. I use the tripple UE 10, but i liked the Bass-Sound of the UE5 a bit more, 2 Pairs were broken in at least 3 Years of hard using. It will have to be a Hillsong United concert on August 7, 2007 during which I also attended a Youth Conference hosted by Champions Centre located in the state Washington. Bar none, the best live musical experience I have ever experienced was the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall. This was a recent event, being only a few years ago, and Rush was on their Snakes and Arrows tour. The show started with an amusing intro movie, as most Rush concerts do, and then there was a pause. In my spot half-way between the stage and the back wall I had a man standing in front of me. I’ve worked with almost every other rock band out there, and nothing was like that night at the Gorge.
My very best live musical experience was seeing my favorite band, Static-X, for my birthday. But seeing Ozzy on stage with Cat Stevens at the Rally to Restore Sanity was pretty entertaining as well. My best one is surely the past ACL in Austin, there were a lot of people, the music was great and the atmosphere was just perfect. I have to say that my best live music experience was at the GMA’s Immerse conference.
The absolute best experience I’ve had was discovering Janelle Monae when she opened for Of Montreal this summer. Seeing Sigur Ros live in concert in Portland with my audiophile husband (who would LOVE these headphones).
My best live musical experience was a concert of Linkin Park, Okinawa, 2009 It was fantastic.
My best live musical experience was watching my father sing to my mother on their 50th wedding anniversary. My best live music experience was seeing PARAMORE and RELIENTK and FUN in concert in Knoxville Tennessee. My best live music experience was going to my first country music concert a few months ago. My best live music experience happened shortly after the Police broke up in the 80’s.
My best live musical experience was a concert of MANA, the latin american band, it was amazing and a unique experience because it was the day of my birthday, so the gift was a surprise, the best show tickets and a backstage meet and greet!
My best live music experience was at Woodstock, yes Woodstock and I was only 10 years old but it has given me a life long love of music especially the older rock and roll and I cannot think of a better way to listen to it than through a pair of Ultimate Ears.
My ultimate live experience was seeing My Bloody Valentine in ‘91 at the West Ballroom at the student union on OSU campus. I dont have a life altering memory like some people here do lol but I still feel great inside to re live some of my memories about concerts. My best live music experience was this past July when my wife and I were fortunate enough to see KISS at Riverben d Music Center inCincinatti,Ohio. I live near Portland,ME in a fairly small town, but popular main-stream bands seem to like it up here in New England. My best live music experience was seeing Anberlin live in early 2010 at the Houston house of Blues.
My best live experience was back in 2002 when I saw the band Tragedy in a garage in east LA.
My best live music experience is nearly a tie - Muse blew the roof off of Columbus a few months ago, and I was incredibly tempted to herald them as the best I’ve ever heard. With an Equipboard account you can rate this item, add it to your collection, submit a review to discuss what you like and dislike about it, and associate Sensaphonics 3D In Ear Moniters to artists that use it. Rock Jaw are back once more – this time with an updated version of a previous favorite. Rock Jaw aim to produce amazing sounding earphones at a price that is significantly more affordable than traditional IEMs (in ear monitors).
The packaging is virtually identical to the previous version – with the only obvious difference being the updated, new Rock Jaw logo. This time the earpieces are made from metal instead of wood, making the design even cleaner and sleeker – in short they look great.

The different audio filters provided with the Rock Jaw Alpha Genus V2 DO sound very different. Customizable frequency response, detachable cable with wireform fit and a wide variety of accessories ensure an unequalled, perfectly tailored listening experience. Taking everything they've learned from the SE line, Shure has delivered the ultimate in-ear audio experience with the SE846. It is a true three-way system using two drivers for the low frequencies, one for the mid-range, and one for the high frequencies.
Using the included nozzle removable tool, you can change the nozzle to tune the SE846 to your liking. They have a very discrete, low-profile shape that is designed to rest comfortably in the ear. Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010! Please note that the UE 18 Pros are restricted to US winners, but i can ship the 700s internationally!
The sky was perfectly clear over the amphitheater, and the band entered the stage just as twilight was setting.
Music is my escape from reality - it lets me get away from the real world to experience something that is truly pure. Best part of it all was that I got to watch Weezer play the Blue Album & Pinkerton in its entirety ten years later just after this past Thanksgiving.
It was the first time I have ever been in a Seattle club, or anywhere for that matter, where all you could hear was the music and the fan in the airduct blowing. Everyone there almost died of excitement when Alicia Keys jumped on stage during Empire state of mind! They pushed tempos, pulled them back, and kept their appearance pretty simple except for the blinding white lights that occasionally popped out to the drum beat. We were still learning to navigate the city, so we got lost several times, but we were still very early when we arrived. There have been many, but the one that has stuck with me the most was seeing Fleet Foxes live at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. Toss up between Switchfoot at the House of Blues (Orlando) and the live full band sound of Owl City at the same venue several years later. James Levine (the current conductor) energetically mashed both classic and contemporary music to provide a truly unique and delightful performance. I was visiting my brother in Phoenix, AZ and he surprised me with tickets to a band that many people hold dear to their hearts, Rush.
We fought though traffic on the way to the concert for what felt like an eternity and finally parked the car.
The concert was phenomenal and hilarious, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I drove down with a bunch of friends and although the weather was crappy that day and a 3 hour drive ended up being 6 the trip was definitely worth it. Being a graduate student at UT Austin has grant me the advantage to take part in these wonderful festivals! There’s outdoor concerts in a park every Thursday and this particular Thursday my friend and coworker performed with his band, Laarks.
Seeing new friends share the same stage with some of the top bands in that genre really ignited my passion for music. The show started with an other-worldly video played from a darkened stage, as the audience was instructed that oppressed androids from the future are fighting a battle for all humanity, and here, now, we must band together in revolution and DANCE OR DIE.
I have seen Between The Buried and Me eight times and Opeth five times and they always put on amazing shows.
In 1968, I was in China and the country was undergoing the Culture Revolution which was a catastrophy in the history of China. Unlike other people, I don’t remember their name, but I do remember that their music made my girlfriend smile a lot. Andy Summers put together a solo project and was touring the country in support of a single that was getting radio play time. They are simply tons better than anything else out there and I have yearned for a pair for as long as I have known about them. But I would like to upgrade to one of these HOT IN-EARS that keeps the music as ALIVE as possible! I was taken away with them from cd for the longest time and finally saw them live (my first ever at the time). It may not be like a lot of other live’s that other people talk about, but it is the most important to me! We just clicked and we’re together today, engaged to be married next year where I grew up. The show was originally booked at a downtown LA venue, but at the last minute was cancelled and moved to a random kid’s garage.
It was when their first album was about to come out and it they were only a few years older than me. Its a much heavier silicone cable, which looks and feels high quality…but it is fairly heavy. Whilst this gives you a wide range of choices, it really is worth trying the different options as the sound and fit do vary considerably with the different choices. At first glance the pouch looks to be the same as provided with some cheaper earphones, however, on closer inspection the material is of a much higher quality.
I would suggest that most people won’t choose to use the black filters as they remove most of the bass, this is only really useful to check an audio mix on, not for everyday listening purposes. Serious bass heads may find the urge to add a smidge more with EQ – but for us, it was spot on (and we like bass!). The quality of audio that the Alpha Genus V2 provide is really quite special – they make an excellent choice for anyone with a smartphone. Not for the faint of heart, the SE846 combine precision engineering and groundbreaking technology to deliver the purest audio ever conceivable - directly into your ear. With the cable going over the ear instead of under it, it's very easy to keep the cable behind your head and out of the way while performing on stage or even while going for a jog. Seattle crowds are not known for being quiet, but the Horse feathers shut them all right up!
I also never realized how big of a group Miike Snow is…and that the lead singer is not named Mike. We got seats right at the foot of the stage, and when they began to play, we could almost reach out and touch the musicians.
I got to meet some incredible musicians that night, and listening to some great music as well! Somehow my friends and I ended up in the very center of the standing-only orchestra seating, and sure enough, I began to feel dizzy and very hot.
Every note from Mozart was crystal clear, reverberating along the tall walls of the 100 year old hall. Suddenly a torrent of beautiful music spurned forth and the crowd erupted, utterly dwarfing the magnitude of their previous cheer. I got to see an amazing performance, practice my elbow-dodging reaction time, and see a human incarnation of the Hulk. Their performances were great and it was my first live concert and definitely a night to remember. The crowd was excited and when the band came on and started playing there was not one person who did not know every word and every note to each song.
The sound, performance, and mood were all breathtakingly well done, and the audience (and myself) was enthralled.
Me and my friends were literally creaming like 16 years old all night and we all could not able able to speak in a normal voice the next day. The sound was perfect the lights were amazing and having three of the hottest bands under the same roof proved to be the best line-up to date.

I took a chance that night (mostly because I was bored and got free tickets) but I ended up falling in love with it. Im a drummer and MANA’s drummer has always been an inspiration since the beginning of my career, i think He was my first inspiration, after watching him on TV I knew I wanted to do this for living! The crowd was small, but full of loyal listeners and the band was very grateful and social with us. I was really fortunate to see Led Zeppelin, see i told you I was old LOL, my parents almost never let me back then. The new Alpha Genus V2 has an RRP that is ?5 less than its predecessor – but does it still deliver? When sliding the inner box out from the sleeve, you do need to be a little careful as there are accessories nestled in the foam on both sides of the box…which can be knocked loose and scattered relatively easily. Because of this extra weight, some users may find that they need to use the cable clip to help support it & prevent the earphones from being pulled out during use.
The mid range is really nicely balanced and natural sounding with no noticeable holes or boosts to be heard.
These really do allow you to listen to music as it should be heard, but without the large price tag that normally comes with earphones of this standard.
You’ve seen my reviews of the UE 18 Pros and the UE 700s - both sets are awesome, and both have updated packaging! But nothing can compare to the benefit show we set up for our very close friend who had passed away one year earlier. I remember when George Michael came out on stage my friends and I were screaming and weeping with joy.
It was raining so hard the opening act decided not to play, but The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, at 73 years of age, wasn’t about to cancel the show. It was the Foxes’ first time playing there, and you could tell they were just as excited as the audience.
We are an hour and a half early, sweet!” We walked towards the entrance and ran into a very long line, good thing we came early. After about 3 minutes of the crowd screaming for them to come back they returned to the stage to let everyone know that the way the designed their set, an encore would ruin it.
Little kids were dancing on the pavement (including a little boy that somehow learned to pelvic thrust- hilarious) and the weather was great. My eyes were closed so my ears could pay full attention to the piano and bass as the raindrops hit the streets around Madison Square Park.
Growing up I mostly listen to hip-hop but living in Texas, you couldn’t stay far from country music.
The filters sound significantly different & you should try them all to find which you prefer (most likely silver or gold). The Rock Jaw Alpha Genus V2 are a damn fine set of earphones that will suit any music lover. After his passing, his family set up a scholarship fund for the local high school in his name.
Immediately, I was separated from my group and i was completely squished among Weezer fans.
On our way home my dad put the seat down in his hatch back Honda civic, he’d brought sleeping bags for us, and the three of us climbed in, took the toilet paper out of our bras and basked in the memory of the night. The experience was something akin to what I would imagine seeing CSN&Y in their prime to be like. I hope that maybe some day everyone gets three hours of dazed glorious ear-massage from a band that they truly love. Better than that, I was at the park with my friends I recently made (I was brand-spanking new to the town) and I just remember feeling so lucky and grateful for everything.
The Red Guards were shouting and abusing and the music stopped in a sudden when they breached the door.
My daughter was so surprised and thought it was cool so now we get to go to concerts together sometimes lol so my finally going to one just let me be able to do something with my daughter now too!!! The most peculiar thing about the show was how segregated the fans were and by subculture nonetheless. The lower section of the cable is quite chunky – this is where the weight comes from. Donations poured in for the first couple weeks after his passing, and continued to grow through the next few months. After about an hour of the concert, I began having trouble standing and asked my boyfriend if he could help me weave my way through the crowd.
We walked to our spot which was in a fielded area about half way from the stage to the back wall. Also couple feet away from me were The Horrors, they were just standing up top with us just enjoying The Kills perform. It was actually because of that concert that I started looking up in-ear options for the band I am in. I felt so crappy about how I sounded with the guitar but I kept trying and we were finally able to do some good covers just for fun lol.
On the right side of the garage were all the crust punks, in the middle were all the street punks, and on the left were all the hipsters. The cable split and jack plug are essentially both the same as the previous version – they are cleanly styled and made from tough, molded plastic. Last October marked one year since his passing, so we decided to set up an event for our friends and family to gather and support each other. I had been lifted by my shoulders, off the ground, and vertically squished and moved towards the stage! He grabbed my hand and pushed through the masses, and as were were walking I completely blacked out!
The speed with which their fingers flew across the strings of their guitar was awe inspiring. We have been looking to purchase Ultimate Ears for a while now but haven’t had the money. One guy I played with is still my best bud today even though we don’t see each other. None of the groups seemed to like each other, but they all loved Tragedy, and the band did not disappoint. We set up a benefit show with bands our our friends to raise additional money for the scholarship fund.
I feel lucky to have seen them performA?a‚¬a€? unfortunately Esbjorn Svensson passed away a few years later before I was able to see them again. After a few moments, I was fine, and when we returned to the auditorium we were able to get a better (and much cooler) spot to stand. He was placed perfectly as to where his elbow would have hit me right between the eyes had I not moved. He could recollect the live a lot better than me if he were able to come talk about it here. I’ve seen and played a lot of shows over the years and that show always stands out as the best and most memorable.
MANA uses Ultimate Ears so it hve always been my dream to have a pair of UE custom monitors, as a professional musician I need them ASAP! To this day, I have never played or attended a show with as much a passion as I experienced last October. I love this page cause its cool and original, and when I saw the UE reviews I fell in love!
I will use them not only for fun, but for my work, my living, i wnt to preserve and safe my hearing and this will protect my ears and make my playing and life easier!

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