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Convenient dual-use capability gives you the option of listening to your music with or without the noise cancelation feature, so you can enjoy unaffected music in quiet environments.
This collection is based on reviews from critics like Consumer Reports and CNET, as well as our own hands-on experience. We've also considered headphones across various price points, as well as a couple of options for those audiophiles with money to blow.

Featuring a convenient, foldable and swivel design, these headphones are perfect for travel or the daily commute. This also allows you to keep using your headphones (minus noise reduction) when the batteries run dry. Whether youa€™re commuting to work, working out, or just trying to shut out the world, therea€™s a pair of headphones thata€™s right for you.

We've provided two quality options for each category and preference, whether you want something over your ears, in your ears, or something with a resounding bass.

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