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Click here to see the Best Travel Product 2003!Click here to see the what PC World Said!Click here to see the review from others! Why do I need active noise reduction?Most of us don't realize how much noise surrounds us in our everyday activities, especially flying.
So what are the Plane Quiet headphones?The "Plane Quiet" headphones feature the proprietary active noise reduction technology first incorporated into high-end aviation headsets costing several hundreds of dollars more. Just how effective are the Plane Quiet headphones?The "Plane Quiet" headphones suppress unwanted high and low frequency noise, from screeches to rumbles, with 17 dB (decibels) of attenuation across the range of human hearing. How do the Plane Quiet headphones work?First, the earcups cradle the ear at an ergonomically canted angle that is natural and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
Long-haul tested.The Plane Quiet headphones have been tested on frequent fliers such as business travelers and airline employees, and they all came to a surprising conclusion--over seventy-five percent of the travelers felt less tired at the end of their flight.
Active Noise Reduction - ANR circuitry only works on one steady, droning noise, like an airplane engine.
Sound Quality - ANR headphones costing $300 or more for the most part do offer better sound quality than ANR headphones costing under $100. Hiss and Dizziness - Another reason ANR headphones don't sound as good as standard headphones is the ANR circuitry introduces a "Hiss" sound. In-Ears - While we're not going to tackle this subject in this article, we thought we would mention some people prefer to use in-ear, earphones rather than ANR headphones. In fact, we tried about a half a dozen $25 to $50 ANR headphones from companies like Panasonic, Maxell, EarHugger, Jensen, etc.
Sennheiser PXC350 - If most of your quality headphone listening time is done while traveling on an airplane, perhaps you should spend $250 or more on a quality pair of ANR headphones?

My latest purchase! These headphones are amazing and make long flights a bit more exciting. Best noise-canceling headphones 2016 - cnet, These headphones hush ambient sounds by creating frequencies that obviate the noise at your ear. 7 noise isolating headphones 2015, You check bass earbuds a€™ sports type, bluetooth headphones running.
Here is a sound comparison: passengers in commercial jet planes typically experience sound pressures levels from 75 - 85 dBA (a weighted decibel measurement in the frequency ranges of human hearing). Thanks to an advanced acoustic design technology breakthrough, the headphones dramatically reduce unpleasant noise and provides high quality audio reproduction. It is an integrated system that combines proprietary electro-acoustic and ergonomic technologies leading to the same kind of full spectrum noise reduction characteristic of other military and aviation products. We have also found medical studies that supported this: low frequency noise leads to fatigue.
But Noise Reduction wise, they were as good or better than many of the ANR headphones currently sold at department stores. You see, when it was first introduced a couple years ago, we were quite happy with the PXC250 model.
We write about our own travels around different parts of the world and of our experiences, and hopefully this will inspire your next trip!
Second, through special electronic circuitry, the headphones actively lessen most of the noise that cannot be eliminated by simply covering the ears. If we take away the noise, the advantage is you feel better than the guy next to you." Aircraft roar, especially for many hours, affects the way people hear and feel.

We gave this PXC300 model a very quick listen at CES and made the observation that it wasn't all that much different?
Plus, we don't travel a lot and yet more bucks for a headphone whose use is best for an airplane seemed like a bit much to be asking when we liked the 250?
If you are flying in an unpressurized cabin, you'll definitely want a general-aviation pilot's grade headset (checkout our ANR headsets category if you're looking for unpressurized cabin hearing protection). The difference between the existing and the desired sound is the "processed" to create a signal opposite to the unwanted noise. But, given the continued interest in $300 and $350 ANR headphones, we finally revisited the Senn PXC300 model. But if you are typically a commercial jet or turboprop passenger looking for something small, light and that won't set you back $300+, then the Plane Quiet headphones will be perfect in fit, in performance, and in price for you. This correction signal, when reproduced by the speaker in the earcup, significantly reduces the noise leaving the desired sound. The process of measuring, creating a correction signal and lessening the noise is rapid and constant, thus the headset reacts to any dynamically changing noise.

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