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The latest in Sennhesier's ever-popular line of professional headphones, the HD6 Mix are the next evolutionary step. Sennheiser is changing the game with its HD line of mixing headphones for professional musicians, DJs, and sound engineers. The Sennheiser HD6 Mix use a circumaural (over-the-ear) design for a large sound stage and minimal bleed. With input jacks on either cup, Sennheiser designed its HD6 Mix for ambidextrous use--a welcomed feature for choosy drummers and guitarists. The HD6 Mix have been engineered from the ground up as a professional quality set of headphones specifically designed for the recording engineer and recording artist.

Lightweight, comfortable, and rugged, these noise-canceling headphones are accurate enough for bouncing mixes in the studio or out on the road, monitoring FOH mixes at the club, and setting up microphones in the drum room. These headphones reproduce sound beyond the spectrum of human hearing with an emphasis on balance for reliable mixing. Each pair includes 2 detachable cables made of Kevlar OFC copper and 2 sets of ear cushions for a custom fit. With over 30dB of ambient noise reduction, the HD6 Mix headphones are perfect for tracking purposes.
The dynamic drivers are rated at sound pressure levels of 112dB for plenty of clean headroom.

Phones store in a roadworthy carrying case (also included) and are backed by a 2-year warranty through Sennheiser USA.

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