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Leveraging the success of their combat-proven C4OPS suite and incorporating feedback from end-users in theater, the Clarus and the Maximus are the first in Sylinx’s Nx Series of products. Testament to the fact that in combat, protection is power, Silynx designed each system to provide the proven in-ear hearing protection and enhancement on which users have come to rely. Contact Sylinx via phone (866-572-6950) or email ([email protected]) for additional information, to schedule a meeting, or to request loan and demo sets for unit evaluation.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Comfort and FitDented slide adjustment on the headband allows the ear cup to be easily raised or lowered for proper fit. MicrophoneThe amplified electret noise-cancelling microphone prevents unwanted cabin noise from entering the communication system. Auto Shut-OffThe headset will shut off automatically after 15 minutes in low-noise environments.
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With budget-friendly price points, these next generation systems, designed to be smaller, simpler, and lighter, pull from the past but focus on the future. It provides intercom interoperability, clear communications, and sound localization for full situational awareness. Designed to simplify the user’s operation and accessibility to the PTT switches, MAXIMUS offers users advanced capabilities and a dual lead configuration that draws low current from the primary radio. Yoke design allows the ear cup to pivot in two planes assuring proper seal to the head and distributing ear cushion pressure evenly over its entire surface. Strain relief is added to all cord entry points to provide protection from tugging resulting from normal usage. When Auto Shut-Off is enabled, the headset is kept active by communication over the aircraft intercom system, cell phone conversations, listening to music, and cabin noise greater than 90dB.
There is a jack for cell phone communication and an auxiliary input jack for use with portable audio devices.
Retaining hooks are designed into the microphone housing to securely hold the windscreen in place.

1" thick ear cushions made from heat sensitive slow recovery foam conform to the wearer's head to provide a perfect seal and eliminate pressure points. The accessory mute button quickly and completely disables the cell phone and auxiliary audio devices while maintaining intercom communication. A cigarette lighter adapter is included to power the headset off of aircraft power and for recharging. The CD input jack can be used to draw power from the aircraft and to recharge the batteries.

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