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The term Champagne Blend refers to one of the world's most distinctive wine styles – the sparkling wines made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier that are most famously associated with the Champagne region of northern France.
Champagne is the name of the world’s most famous sparkling wine, the appellation under which it is sold, and the French wine region it comes from. The isolated perfused heart system, as originated by Oscar Langendorff nearly a century ago has become a mainstay of pharmacological and physiological research.
The systems use a water-jacketed 2-liter reservoir to maintain and gas the perfusion solution or buffer.
Constant Pressure Langendorff: As the system is configured for constant pressure, changes in resistance from the heart will result in flow rate variations that can be monitored via an accessory Flow-meter IUF-1000. Constant Flow Langendorff: Since flow is held constant, changes in coronary resistance are detected as changes in pressure. Superb temperature control due to our water-jacketed heart chamber, components and water-jacketed key perfusate line tubing. Easy cleaning: our crystal clear borosilicate glassware is fully autoclavable and unlike plastic systems, are not affected by agents and proteins.
Easy replacement: Individual components allow for easy replacement in the event of breakage and can be replaced without factory return. Test equipment, replica and original sci fi props and costume pieces, and whatever else I feel like at the time.

It should be labeled 3R9.Additionally - do you know that you cannot light all three at the same time? That is because LEDs generally don't survive even modest current levels when put in reverse breakdown, and the reverse breakdown voltage is not very high.
A peristaltic pump draws from the reservoir and drives the solution up to a water-jacketed bubble trap via a water jacketed flex tube assembly, where bubbles are relieved from the flow, and then down to the aortic cannula into the heart chamber via a second water jacketed flex tube assembly. In the re-circulating configuration, effluent from the heart is collected and redirected to the Radnoti 120144 sheet flow oxygenating chamber for re-gassing and returned back into the circulation loop via the peristaltic pump. As with all Radnoti systems, the modular design allows for extreme flexibility and system reconfigurations. By using multiple reservoirs or a syringe pump, different solutions or drug concentrations can be delivered to the heart and washed out. However, the heart will not be able to auto regulate coronary flow, so production of ischemia or increases in work may result in a more severe insult than with a constant pressure system. As the heart system is configured for constant flow, changes in resistance from the heart will result in pressure variations that can be monitored via an accessory micro pressure transducer (Radnoti Part number 159905). A little variation in Beta could cause one or more transistor to dissipate a bit more power, and there isn't much room for that in those tiny transistors. If you want to see it operate without an LED, at 320mA a 10 ohm resistor will drop 3.2V, about what the LEDs will drop.

So stick a 10 ohm 2W or better resistor in there and measure the voltage.You did use a resistor when connecting to your 3.3V source, right? It will then drop a lot less voltage across the resistor, therefore require a smaller lower wattage resistor. It is regulating the current, and with no current draw, the voltage reaches the maximum it is capable of supplying. When I heard this, I wired up a battery with a resistor, showed him it working with a good LED, then left him to retest all his LEDs.They were all damaged. Some were just dead, the rest were dim and orangish.As for the Red LED being on all the time, I suspect that there is some fault in the circuit. Do any of the other LEDs light?What is the voltage on the collectors of all the transistors when it is connected?
On the bases?With the LEDs, Arduino, and battery disconnected, put your meter on Diode Check and confirm that you have the correct diode drops in the correct direction.

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