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Decorating ear with helix piercing can be done using various types of jewelries of any shapes and patterns. Besides the ‘basic’ helix piercing, there is also conch piercing and forward helix piercing options.
However, you must also be careful in choosing triple helix jewelries because the piercing is very vulnerable to infection caused by bacteria.
Pain associated with helix ear piercing may last for up to four months, and complete healing can take up to 1 year.
This Post known as :Triple Forward Helix - cute piercings for girls - length of forward helix earrings - triple forward helix earrings - triple helix ear piercing - What jewelry for triple forward helix looks -Posts related to Forward Helix Ear Piercing with Triple Jewelries for Girlswhat earrings can you put in your helix piercingDouble Helix Piercing Double helix piercing offers had better look on you. Dr Pierce studs are sterilized by Ethylene Oxide in a facility in the United States which is monitored by the FDA. Biopsy needles must either be sterilized with an autoclave that requires monitoring and testing on a bi-monthly basis, or the needles come pre-sterilized, and are imported from China. We have two distinct piercing systems, Inverness 2000 for outer ear piercing and Dr Pierce professional nose piercing systems, both systems are hand pressured medical devises.
Biopsy needles are either sterilized with an autoclave that requires monitoring and spore testing on a bi-monthly basis or the needles are imported pre-sterilized from China.

Body piercing jewelry is mostly manufactures in China and is routinely not 316L grade as advertised.
The Inverness 2000 ear piercing system is the safest most advanced, sterile ear piercing system available today. Inverness' patented Safety Clutch™ (No Butterfly Clasp) eliminates the possibility of the backing from ever being squeezed too tightly to the back of the ear. View DetailsDue to the 12 hours time difference between West and Asia we will reply you within 24 hours. It is important to use clean and safe tools to perforate your upper cartilage part of the ear. Besides its ‘strategic’ spot, helix piercing is favorable because the pain associated with it is fewer, and it has no nerve endings.
Conch piercing is done in the lower part of the helix, while forward helix is done in upper part of your helix, towards the rim part.
When you get ear piercing for the first time, maybe you want to use something less complicated than triple helix jewelries and see if you can handle it. The Inverness 2000 system for outer ear piercing, and the Dr Pierce Professional Nose Piercing system.

It has safety features that include 100% earring encapsulation that protects against cross contamination prior to piercing. Helix ear piercing is popular compared to facial piercing, because this type is the one that most schools allowed, and if not, you can cover it using your hair. From single type jewelries, double type jewelries or triple type jewelries are available to decorate your helix ear piercing. As helix piercing leaves multiple trendy piercing options, you can employ various accessories including triple helix jewelries to decorate the piercing.
Remember not to use imitation jewelries as it can raise your risk for being infected by pathogens. Improper sterilization of body piercing needles and the litigation that follows can be found by searching the internet.
The rising popularity of helix piercing is accompanied by colorful or bling jewelries with various patterns, which gain their trend these recent years.

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