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We guarantee to refund any item you are not completely happy with when you return it to us by post, unused in a saleable condition within 7 days of receipt. Your nose piercing with be ultra discrete with this Flesh Tone BioFlex Nose Stud.This skin tone BioFlex nose stud blends in to make your piercing invisible. I work in a shop where you are not allowed any sort of facial jewellery, you aren't even allowed to wear retainers.
I ordered this retainer because my employers would not be happy if I wore a visible nose piercing at work and I want to be able to wear something noticeable in free time.
Great product and hardly visible, the only negative is that the post is abit short for new piercings (due to swelling) but apart from that its brilliant. Externally threaded jewelry is where the threads are actually on the outside of the metal shaft. Click on the picture to see a big picture and description of the body jewelry you are interested in.

Even if it does not exactly match your skin tone, this nose stud is barely noticeable.Soft, flexible and metal-free, this BioFlex nose stud is ideal for difficult piercings. For the first two weeks after I got the piercing, I used a tiny section of a clear plaster and covered that with make up, but then changed my stud to this retainer and assured everything was properly cleaned. A Left will bend Clockwise when looking at the flare straight on and a Right will bend Counterclockwise. A mirror finish is required for implant devices; the metal cannot be gray, blurred, or dull. Now, six years later I can still wear nose jewelry when not in uniform because this retainer was literally undetectable, even during hardcore inspections! When finished properly, stainless steel is resistant to degradation by the body?s internal environment. The retainer blends so well into my skin that even when I AM showing someone that it's there, they still don't see it until they look really closely.

Professional externally threaded jewelry comes lathed down on the end which helps to reduce tearing when jewelry is inserted. Having a mirror finish will improve impact strength, decrease corrosion, and produce a non-porous surface that will not harbor bacteria. Rather, they have problems if the material is not finished properly and breaks apart due to wear, fatigue, and material fragment build ups. I have found that sometimes it stings a bit to get it in, because there is some twisting involved, but after its in, you don't feel it or notice it is there after a few minutes.
The surface of the metal must be free of any nicks, scratches, or burrs that increase surface area and allow for bacterial colonization which interferes with the body?s healing process.

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