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Please tell me how you like it and I’ll create a body jewelry that will perfectly fit you!100% guarantee! No questions asked. Mail it back to me in its original condition within 3 days of arrival and get a full refund of the purchase price (no refunds on the shipping back cost) Check my policies page for more details. 5 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T MISS WHEN CHOOSING YOUR SEPTUM PIERCING, NOSE OR TRAGUS PIERCING1. A Perfect fit There should be a variety of wire and diameter sizes – you must pick the piercing that perfectly fits you.

Made especially for you Handmade piercing jewelry could easily be adjusted to fit your needs and preferences.3. Poor quality piercings could easily break, discolor, peel off or cause irritation and infection.4.
Unique style +REFUSE TO BE ORDINARY+ Look for unique, feminine yet bold septum piercing or tragus piercing. If you changed your mind, if the jewelry is not what you expected it to be, Is there is a friendly, ‘hands on’, customer service you can speak with?

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