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Some 40,000 people, according to police, massed in the rain at a square near the Oslo district courthouse where Breivik is on trial for his July 22 attacks that killed 77 people, to sing "Children of the Rainbow" by Norwegian folk singer Lillebjoern Nilsen. There was a study done asking adults and children to draw where they felt certain feelings and emotions coming from.
On April 18th 2012, Mira from the Pleiadian High Council told our class that humanity is suffering from “post hypnotic stress”. This new dream is one of love, unity, happiness, health, cooperation, peace, abundance, and so much more.
Faith and trust and the ability to be present in the now moment is what works best for this situation. I have been having many requests from readers lately wanting me to share more about my connection to the stars and my star home in Pleiades – my heart is so connected to this constellation in my sun sign of Taurus.
My conscious memory of this connection to my star home began as a deep remembering around the turn of the millennium when through several things these memories were triggered. Around the same time period in my life, I stumbled upon two amazing books by Solara – ‘The legend of Altazar’ and ‘The star-borne.’ Both incredible and both changed my life! Two frames as seen on NASA's Lasco c2 show similar oddities that are striking in resemblance to one another.
Each time you think of fear, become that fear, speak of fear, remember, you also create and spread fear. The council meeting this week held an incredible high vibration of intuitive collective harmonic thinking, transcending a sweet guideline of what is to come and what it is we are here on the surface of this planet to impart as One unified force of Infinite Love’s breath in action. One day we would like to furnish you with a list of all the worlds and the races of beings that are here in cooperation with you at this time.
It has been this way for many eons, where different beings from different parts of the universe have come together in peaceful cooperation to better themselves and the lives of others.
I am in no way different from you in that I want the Light to overcome and infiltrate all who is here to the degree that there is so much transformation in each being, with so much Joy and so much Love.
Karma was acquired with the purpose of picturing (creating, manifesting) reasons of continuing this classroom on Earth. We, of the higher planes, watch with great love and hope as you devise ways of learning and growing. In this video Matthew Karenke presents general issues with the planet and how a new method of Global Peace Broadcasting can affect the planet in a positive way, a method thanks to Masura Emoto's studies on the human effects on the structure of water.
Right now, the annual Wesak blessing energies are building, the enlightened Masters assembling and connecting with humanity.
The June 2012 Venus transit is part of a long progression catalyzing the return of the divine feminine on the Earth.
Levels of copper, cadmium, lead and other metals in Southern California's coastal waters have plummeted over the past four decades, according to new research from University of Southern California. High-resolution photos of lava flows on Mars reveal coiling spiral patterns that resemble snail or nautilus shells. Epigenetics is a branch of genetics that studies modifications to the DNA which affect gene activity. The 2012 ASCENSION process and beyond, involves moving out of third dimensional density into the higher frequency and vibration of the fourth and then fifth dimensions. This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, my counterpart, bringing you a message from The Divine Light.
Today we wish to talk with you about the importance of embracing The Divine Feminine within.  As you know, you are composed of the masculine and feminine essences, regardless of which form is outermost in this lifetime.
Many of you are feeling the Shifts so much that you are in awe; you are feeling a sense of anticipation and wonder. If I could take you by the hand and lead each of you personally to your final destination, I would.

We are receiving bountiful blessings and assistance from our Creater and from the Light Realms. As I peeled back my separation issues and the illusions I had been living under for my whole life (I was about 24 at the time) I began to remember who I was and where my true home was. There are a multitude of different worlds here assisting you and watching over you, and we would like for you to have a better understanding of who these are and who you are. This is the case here at this time on your planet, as many different races, worlds and star systems have combined their talents and their genes to create a race of beings who are a true representation of this great alliance of intelligent species. All around the Universes, beings wait with baited breath and awe at what you have all done to increase the Light and raise the energies all around you. For many lifetimes, most of you have returned time & time again to pick up where you left off in the last lifetime. Please feel free to visit www.PlanPeace.org for more information on the Planetary Peace Broadcast! The whole idea of arresting someone, of punishing them and taking away their freedom is very much the old paradigm.
The great ones like the Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin will be with you more tangibly again this season.
Every moment spent in the presence of the Spirit of this space assists in reconfiguring grids and aligning energies. It's a short video about a group of children from India who have formed a dance troupe, telling the story of Oneness for us all. But to read about it is one thing and actually do the visualization on 5-5-2012 completely another.
In the bigger picture of our changing world, we understand that these are stepping stones towards joining our Galactic community of scientists.Today I bring you a story of scientists who are gaining a better understanding of how DNA works and getting closer to unlocking the door to understanding how cells develop and function. The research, published April 26 in the journal Science,has important implications for stem cell research and the development of regenerative medicines. The Starships are assisting in energizing are Responding Immediately for the manifestation of the Blue Star Nation in accordance with the Divine Plan. All around the Universes, beings wait with bated breath and awe at what you have all done to increase the Light and raise the energies all around you. You are starting to forget what you have been experiencing for so many eons, and starting to remember your True Selves, your God Selves, your Divinity. Even the most ordinary experiences can turn into vast, expansive, enlightening connections with the Divine. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
This day was overcast, and by noon the sky had already begun to spit snow.fatigue exhaustion dizzinessest il possible que subjonctifThe Orions knew all the weaknesses of the vessels they had sold to the Falorians, and exploited them mercilessly. Moving Kits and Packing Kits can be purchased for particular rooms or for entire households.
There’s plenty of options when choosing a moving company, so you should know that the industry standard in Jupiter is All My Sons Moving and Storage. The idea of having the house, retirement, a particular relationship, job, or certain financial situation are of the past. Combined with the remembering of my home in the stars, I also remembered that I had another part of me out in the world, however my Twin Flame and I didn’t find each other physically for another 8 years!
We bow before you, for you are all great beings of the Light, all you Lightworkers and Lightbearers who have come to witness the great awakening, to herald it and bring it about. I'd like to see people healed, to see them happy and whole, and I feel that arresting people will only breed more resentment and righteousness. COSMIC CURRENT brings into focus the challenges and rewards we are experiencing in the "here and now" in 2012.

At Wesak celebrations worldwide, you will be able to sense their presence and receive their wisdom.
The conventional world you live in now - rooted in old paradigm ways - is fear based and exclusionary.
I would encourage as many people as possible to actually participate, although it may be in the early morning hours in your part of the world. The discovery, made by Arizona State University graduate student Andrew Ryan, is announced in a paper published April 27, 2012, in the scientific journal Science. The body possesses genetic memories for fear passed down through generations (Epi-genetics). We bow before you, for you are all great beings of the Light, all you Lightworkers and Lightbearers who have come to witness the great awakening, to herald it and bring it about.
You are taking to heart the deep, deep wisdom spewing out from within yourselves, and taking it forward. You simply step out of the way and allow your smaller self to surrender to your bigger Self. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Hang numbered signs on the doorposts of each room and write the same numbers on the appropriate boxes. Oh, I wouldn't worry much about him, Modra told her, so long as you didn't really kill him.difficulty breathing chest pain dizzinessdizziness when lying down early pregnancyarnold chiari dizzinessdizziness and neck pain and nauseaache in spine dizziness sleep disturbances1041 university avedizziness shortness of breath fatigue pregnancyawwa valve exercising standardswhat helps with the dizziness of vertigoWhen you move or relocate, to ensure your household goods arrive at your new destination without a scratch, our Jupiter Movers recommend that you start with a good packing list so you purchase the right packing and moving supplies.
Do a comparison on total cost if items were purchased separately and watch out for any seasonal sales. I’m positive of the quality level of service you’ll receive, because I am part of their team! Humanity is awakening from its slumber and is creating a new dream that is far better then what it knew in the third dimension.
Masters is the JP Morgan executive who created the Credit Default Swap derivative that is currently bankrupting Europe.
Each one of you is loved, cared for and protected, as each one of you are a member of our family.
There is also a different energy theme this year, for this June is the time of the Venus transit - a planetary cycle that typically precedes great shifts in consciousness.
We are getting reports from around the Planet of Miracles happening, Increased Joy, Laughter, and Unity among families, neighbors and friends. The kitchen should be done at the very end though, because heavy appliances should go in the truck first. I know your belongings will be secure, so I feel great recommending them to be your movers in the Jupiter area. You are one race, the human race, but your genes are a special mix of many races who have formed an alliance to better handle universal political issues and sovereignties throughout the many different star systems that possess intelligent life.
We are changing from a carbon based physical nature to a crystalline light body without experiencing physical death. We service over 40 states, and I’ve received positive reports about the level of service you receive from every location.
That’s because All My Sons is family owned and operated and take pride in moving every home with care. The prices are very competitive at All My Sons, and that makes me strongly recommend All My Sons.

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