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If you have a nickel allergy, choose nickel-free metals, such as 18K yellow gold, platinum, titanium, copper and sterling silver.
The world pretty much went pierced in the 1970s, so clip-ons aren’t very popular anymore. The classic hoop is a piece of metal that circles the ear from front to back, leaving room between the bottom of the earring and the earlobe. A form of drop earring that’s much longer and more complex, chandelier earrings are often dramatic because of their shape, length and size. Ear cuffs do not require piercings (although some include a chain element that can connect to your piercings) and are designed slide over the outer ear cartilage to hug securely wherever you place them.
This closure features a single post of wire that sticks out of the back of an earring and into the post or stud behind the earlobe. The screw back is similar to the post style, except that the wire coming out of the earring is a screw that literally screws into the stud backing. A piece of curved wire, much like a fish hook, threads through the piercing to hold the earring in place. Popular in hoop earrings, this back has a hinged piece of metal that goes through the ear and snaps into a latch on the opposite side of the earring. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

The most common metal allergy is nickel, which can cause itching, rash, swelling and blisters. Clip-ons are held in place literally with a hinged pressure clip on the back of the ear or with a screw that tightens onto your earlobe.
Diamond studs are popular because a single, beautiful gem stands alone with no other distraction on the ear surface. There’s usually not much movement in a drop earring, as opposed to chandeliers (see below). Chandeliers are great for those who love drama and movement, and are good looks for women with heart-shaped and oval faces.
Huggies are a newer form of the hoop earring, usually small and thick, that run through your piercings and hug the earlobe.
Omega-backed earrings are common, but are an adaptation of the clip-on backing, which means that they can be uncomfortable if not designed properly. If you already have a pair of earrings with nickel, you can purchase plastic covers to protect your ears, but these only work with certain types, such as studs. Studs with or without gemstones in them look great on a narrow face, and can be worn to dress up jeans and a tee, or finish a night-on-the-town look. Hoops can be simple, clean metal, garnished simply with a gem or two, or encrusted with diamonds.

They also provide women with round faces with a slimming effect — but keep in mind they may tangle in long hair.
Their thickness lends their design to rows of gemstones, such as diamonds, but they can also be etched, studded or feature other forms of worked metal.
However, it is commonly used with dangly earrings such as threaders and stays in place because the wire is usually fairly long and creates balance behind the ear. Because they are so long, and usually made up of multiple gems and metal elements, you should consider their weight on your earlobe before purchasing. Super-versatile, hoops are a classic business or weekend look for many women, and look great on a square face. As with other dangly earrings, you must be careful not to catch them on clothes or tangle them in your hair.

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