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One of my favorite sculptures by Coarse is Do Not Disturb, which depicts a plump cat proudly presenting a dead fish to whoever gazes upon him. Clutter is a FREE monthly print publication covering all things Designer Toy and Sub-Culture art. Sorry Seattle fans, according to The Denver Times (and republished by The Seattle Times), the year of the horse clearly means that the Denver Broncos will win this year’s NFL Championship game. According to astrology, the zodiac symbol under which you’re born has a certain amount of influence on your life. Much like the Jewish cleaning rituals for Passover, it is traditional to clean your house on the eve of the Chinese New Year, and to ensure that all cleaning supplies and evidence of cleaning are tucked away out of sight. We always look at Chinese takeout as a relatively unhealthy splurge, but this Americanized version of Chinese food is quite different from the traditional Chinese meals. Now through the end of the month, I’ll be giving away e-book copies of all my books and short stories, including the Castles, Customs and Kings 1 and 2 anthologies. A tall, dark, and handsome male stranger was the best omen, especially if his feet were the right shape. Often the first-footer would arrive bearing traditional gifts: coin, a lump of coal, a piece of bread or shortbread, whiskey, salt and black bun—representing financial prosperity, warmth, food, good cheer and  flavor in the new year. Dark haired young men often made the rounds of the neighborhood houses, bring good luck to the homes and to themselves when they were invited in for a holiday toast.
The events of New Year’s Day were often considered predictors of good fortune for the next year.
In Hertfordshire, at sunrise on New Year's Day, a hawthorn bush would be burned in the fields to ensure good luck and bountiful crops.
In some regions, young women raced to draw the first water from the well in a practice known as ‘creaming the well.’ Possession of this water meant marriage with in the coming year, particularly if the a young woman's matrimonial desire could be made to drink some of that water before sun down.

Some believed the water had curative properties and even washed the udders of cows with it to insure productivity. Until the 18th century, gifts were exchanged on New Year's day instead of Christmas or Epiphany.
In Scotland and the norther regions of England, traditional New Year' s (Hogmannay) foods include: shortbread, venison pie, haggis, black bun (pastry with fruit cake fillings) and rumbledethmps, a fry-up for potato, turnip, cabbage butter and cheese. My, it certainly makes waiting up for the ball to drop seem feeble, but at least it’s not loaded with superstition and negatively sexist. Founded in 2004 in the good old United Kingdom, Clutter moved to NYC in 2009 where it continues to grow. As we say goodbye to the year of the snake, we welcome in a larger, mammalian animal: the horse. The Chinese zodiac’s year of the horse starts Friday, and the big game is played the following Sunday, just two days later.
For this reason, many people prefer to name their children a “lucky” name, inspired by their zodiac symbol. If you’re a true believer in fate, astrology, and the Chinese zodiac, and you were born in the year of the horse, you might just have as good a chance to change the world as Nelson Mandela did.
It’s a new year on the Western Calendar anyway, so it’s not a bad time to do a full house cleaning. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, you should try cooking a number of traditional New Year foods, like steamed rice pudding, long noodles (longer is luckier!), and even nian gao cake, which is a sweet coconut cake made from rice flour.
Stories, traditions, recipes, videos, games and a giveaway to fill your Yuletide with Regency Era fun.
At the stroke of midnight, the head of the family would open the door and usher out the old and welcome the new.

The nature of the first visitor to set foot across the threshold after midnight on New Year’s eve determined the family's fortunes. Tradition held that no one spoke until the ‘first-footer’ wished the occupants a happy new year. Hawthorn branches--which have a many folkloric associations--would be woven into crowns and hung in the house as well. There are 12 different animals cycled by the Chinese zodiac, so each animal is represented every 12 years. Paired with the Broncos’ “Time to Ride,” theme, it seems like a pretty good omen for Denver. He was born in the year of the horse back in 1918, and was one of the most loved philanthropists and activists of all time.
Unfortunately, the eve of the Chinese New Year is a Thursday night, so you might have to save some of the cleaning for the day after the New Year begins. Some who held to old superstitions went further, removing ashes, rags, scraps and anything perishable from the house so that nothing was carried over from one year to the next. Then the first footer would be greeted with proper ceremony and a rhyme to welcome the New Year and bring good fortune. If you’re looking for more Anglo-inspired names, some sources suggest looking for inspiration in mythological or real horse names.
At the end of the visit, first-footer would leave through the back door and take all the old year's troubles and sorrows out with them.

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