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Geometric shapes: No fashion report is complete without a mention about geometric shapes, which are a major component of fashion pieces. Statement watches: No fashionista will step out of her home this season without an eye-catching statement-piece watch. Belts: One of the most important accessories for fashion divas, the belt has made a popular comeback in recent times. This concept began with the intention of giving customers a whole new shopping experience and increasing the choice of designs,styles and trends in jewellery with both traditional and contemporary tastes within an elegant ambience and quality service. Second Nature - Dumfries 3 weeks ago Currently passing Athens - the mighty vessel YM Winner (OK, OK Yes I am a total geek with Marine Tracker). The trends in clothes, jewellery and accessories are ever-changing and what was the ‘coolest’ today could be easily dumped for a ‘hotter’ trend the very next day.

Wood jewellery is now available in quirky and innovative designs and is giving tough competition to other metals. This year too will see an impressive and different line-up of geometry-inspired jewellery including square forms from Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci’s rounded patterns and multiple bracelets from Chanel.
Available in single or mixed colours, in big and small shapes, metallic bracelets are the fad this season.
Shawl designs include geometrical shapes, animal motifs and polka dots in pastel shades like light pink, dove blue and mint. Popular designs this season include feathery watches, horsebit bracelet watches and electric blue watches. Harness belts, tiny belts, obi belts and many others are now an indispensable part of people’s wardrobe and are the perfect accessory for high-waist pants, vintage garments and experimental fresh outfits.

Coming to headscarves, they are available in dull colors like grey, blue and white adorned with geometrical designs or are kept simply plain.
Breastplate necklaces, available in large metallic forms, are also preferred as they present a bold image.
Using as many different colour and texture combinations possible, tube necklaces are the items to look out for in 2015. Tube necklaces include Salvatore Ferragamo styled shiny glass-like tube necklaces and puzzle designs from Giorgio, Armani among others.

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