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Bluetooth™ was principally developed for use with mobile phones allowing people to use their phones on the move (hands free) by wirelessly linking the phone to an ear piece. Wireless technology also allows the left and right hearing aids to inter-relate the sound processing data, which gives improved localisation of sounds, and can enhance other sound processing features to improve the speech-to-noise ratio. Connection to TV's (using plug-in adaptors - note these adaptors now overcome the visual speech lag that was present in earlier forms of adaptor. There are 9 channels and 4 programmes on the Chili SP9.Lots of features are built in to the Oticon Chili to produce excellent sound quality.
The Chili SP9 has moisture protection to help protect your hearing aid from dampness, condensation and perspiration. For binaural hearing aid wearers ear to ear communication is an excellent feature of the Chili SP9. Using the SpeechGuard facility the Chili SP9 adjusts the background sound levels instantly, for example when going from quiet to noisy or noisy to quiet environment.

Directional microphones dampen any noise to the sides and behind to focus on the voices your wish to hear.
Spatial Noise Management prioritises speech over noise aiding the wearer to locate and follow the speaker.
There are also assisted listening devices available called the Oticon ConnectLine system that can be combined with your hearing aids which enables the user to listen to music, landline telephone or TV much more clearly by beaming the sound direct to the hearing aids therefore helping to cut out other background noise. In summary the Oticon Chili SP9 is a premium technology level hearing aid with some excellent features designed for people with a severe to profound hearing loss.
If you would like to know more about the Oticon Chili SP9 contact our advisers and we will be pleased to answer your questions. Hearing aid suppliers have extended this benefit to hearing aid wearers by developing a variety of devices that wirelessly link the hearing aids to audio output devices including telephones, TV's, PC's, MP3 players, etc. The Chili SP9 (PW70) is top of the range, SP7 (PW50) is the middle range and SP5 (PW30) is the lower range.

Discreet and designed for people with a severe to profound hearing loss who are often very reliant on their hearing aids.
This is where the two hearing aids work together in a similar way that two ears do in nature. This also works like a remote control allowing the wearer to control their hearing aids at the touch of a button. If you are looking for a lower technology hearing aid you may wish to consider the Oticon Chili SP5 or the Oticon Chili SP7.
The key benefit is that the sound signal is sent direct into BOTH hearing aids and the hearing aid microphones can be attenuated to control the external noise levels.

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