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The Nera2 Pro is equipped with Oticon’s latest ”Inium Sense” quad core wireless processing chip.
This delivers exceptionally stable signal processing from an environmentally friendly, power efficient processor. The Nera2 Pro is suitable for all but the most profound losses, the range includes the IIC model that will fit patients with a loss up to 75 dBhl through to the BTE 13 that will fit losses up to 100 dBhl.
Where manual controls are fitted an input in one hearing aid will automatically be effected in the other. Youmatic from Oticon enables a dispenser to personalise each fitting to take account of a user’s listening lifestyle and ability to process speech in background noise. Free Focus uses directional microphones to focus on the speech signal in front of the user whilst simultaneously reducing the effect of background noise.
The advanced version fitted to all Nera2 Pro devices incorporates four different microphone settings.
Optimised Omni, this has a slight front bias to mimic the natural front focusing of the human ear. Split Directionality, in noisy situations the hearing aids switch  into directional mode for higher frequencies that have less energy and are therefore more difficult to hear whilst maintaining omni-directional (all around) sound for lower frequencies. Full Directionality with Low Frequency Enhancement, full directionality leads to a loss of loudness.
Nera2 Pro wireless hearing aids are compatible with the Connectline range of audio streaming devices eg Streamer Pro, Phone Adapter 2 and TV Adaptor 2.
The Streamer Pro will pair with any Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone and transmit the incoming audio signal to your hearing aids. Additionally it links with other Connectline devices and external entertainment systems using a cable or Bluetooth® connection. An integrated telecoil allows your hearing aids to benefit from public loop systems installed in banks, supermarkets etc.

Using a Streamer Pro it will transmit speech from the telephone into both ears when two hearing aids are fitted. If you have difficulty listening to the TV or household members cannot agree on a comfortable volume for everyone this is the solution. It plugs into any TV including those with Digital Audio Output systems and works with the Streamer Pro to transmit the TV sound output to your hearing aids.
The Nera2 Pro wireless IIC hearing aids are located deep in the ear canal where it is not possible to fit a program change button or volume control. In order to make the hearing aid faceplate as discreet as possible they may be specified in up to five colours to blend as much as possible with the wearer’s skin tone.
Please note that the black face-plate is only available with IIC and CIC devices in order to appear like an area in the shadow.
Until now all invisible in the canal hearing aids have been manufactured  with a limited set of features and reduced functionality compared to other models in the product range. With Oticon’s new breakthrough in antenna size the wearer can now enjoy the cosmetic advantages of a hearing aid that fits deep in the ear canal whilst benefiting from the listening advantages offered by wireless hearing aids that process the sound environment binaurally like the human brain.
Furthermore the wireless chip allows connection and direct audio streaming from mobile phones and other entertainment devices. The Nera2 Pro wireless IIC is one of Oticon’s world first range of wireless invisible hearing aids. An invisible hearing aid is naturally protected from wind and rain; so you no longer have to worry about your device in stormy weather.
Hearing Services in Kent, Sussex and south-east London via home visits, or on the high street in partnership with opticians in Bromley, Dulwich, Orpington and Tonbridge. We want every patient of Easyfit Hearing to feel important, understood, reassured and pleased about their interaction with the company. Accordingly we promise to create a personalised hearing solution to enable you to hear better in all listening situations with the most discreet hearing aids available that are suitable for your hearing loss.

Bone-anchored hearing aids and bone-conduction hearing systems utilize the sound-conduction capabilities of the skull to collect and amplify sounds reaching the user’s deaf ear and transmitting them through the temporal bone in the head to hearing nerves in the ear with good hearing on the other side of the head.
Oticon’s Ponto Plus directly to smart phones, loop systems in public venues and other modern communication devices to allow conversation, music and other sounds to transmit from the Ponto Streamer directly to the sound processor.
Built on the Inium platform, the latest chip technology from OM’s sister company Oticon, Ponto Plus also features a more powerful transducer, improved feedback cancellation, and newest Bluetooth 2.4 GHz wireless technology, all designed to deliver better sound quality, less feedback and fewer artificial sounds.
Binaural synchronisation ensures that they are always matched for volume and program in real time.
This improves speech intelligibility whilst maintaining much of the natural sound environment.
This feature adds gain to detected speech in the low frequencies thus reversing the loss of loudness.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved sale of its new Ponto Plus family of bone anchored sound processors that integrates a line of wireless peripheral devices that make it easier for people with single-sided deafness to cope with their hearing loss.
The Ponto Streamer can also act as a remote control, creating an easy way for users to change programs or adjust volume, and built-in jacks allow simple connections to FM systems, music players and computers.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. With its binaural signal processing feature it offers outstanding performance for a device at this price point.

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