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An ENT specialist is one who dedicates himself or herself to the study of all things ear, nose and throat. There are many differences in the anatomy and physiology of children that make it necessary to treat them separately from adults.
Likewise, an ENT specialist who usually works on adults and then suddenly has to work with a young kid may not know exactly what to do.  If this doctor is asked to perform surgery on the child’s broken nose, but he or she is not accustomed to the smaller, more fragile, and underdeveloped bones in the child’s nose, there could be some major problems.
An average visit to a paediatric ENT specialist can range anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the length of time, the location, and the severity of the problem. To book a consultation to assess your child and their ear, nose or throat complication, please contact ENT Clinic Sydney on 1300 123 368. Both surgeons Eliza Tweddle and Gerard Fogarty are Fellows of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and pride themselves on providing comprehensive Ear, Nose and Throat care for the border community.

The primary rooms are based in central Albury at 450 Swift Street with our Audiology rooms at 549 Macauley St Albury and peripheral locations in Wangaratta with a visiting consulting service to Benalla. Both our Albury locations provide on site access to audiology services if required. There is ample parking on street or in the adjacent Myer Carpark in Albury and our rooms have disabled access if required.
They are specialised in diagnosing and treating all sorts of diseases and ailments of these parts of the body. For example, kids are obviously a lot smaller than most grown ups, meaning a majority of their organs and body parts are not fully developed yet.
There are many children’s ENTs in locations all over the world, and they are always willing and able to help. However, if the issues are severe enough, money should be the last concern, and medical attention should be a number one priority.

The specialist rooms contain state of the art equipment offering care in all aspects of general otolaryngology for all age groups.
These physicians are experts on the same exact topics, except in children rather than adults. If these doctors were to try and use the exact same dose and type of anaesthesia on a young child or baby, they could be putting that child at risk for all kinds of complications. This is why it is very important for doctors to know the difference between what an adult can handle and what a child can handle.

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