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Sony MDR-XB90EX as advertised promised the high performance of bass thanks to its Advanced Direct Vibe Structure, which fortifies sound isolation to keeps the bass in seal. As not all bass earbuds are reasonably good, since they may be over bass (too heavy), which results in bloated and boomy sound.
This company offers a wide range of headphones from basic earbuds to other types such as extra-bass earbuds, noise-isolating earbuds, sport earbuds, workout earbuds, and many more.

It seemingly gains mind blowing bass performance with 16mm driver unit, which is packed in very small size. Ear tips are made up of hybrid silicone rubber, which works pretty good for noise-isolating. The Sony MDR-XB90EX takes the way to lead considering the balance, deepness and rumbling sub-bass. Proved through their history, they are also earning the approval of the several music enthusiasts because of their sound quality and innovative features.

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