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The demand for noise cancelling headphones is now expanding due to more people using public transportation, especially long flights where noise cancelling headphones reprieve listeners from noisy surroundings.
With some conventional noise cancelling headphones, sound quality often deteriorates when the circuit is Off. By suppressing outside noise, the listener can enjoy the music with adequate sound pressure.Panasonic believe the advantages offered by noise cancelling headphones should appeal to all headphone users, not only by frequent flyers or those who travel often.

ProsThey worked and are comfortable on the ears.ConsCompared to JVC normal Headphones I purchased on ferry for same price the Sound level low and quality not as good.
HC200 also delivers quality sound equal to that of monitor headphones and is capable of reproducing high quality sound even when the noise cancelling circuit is Off. With HC200, you can also switch off the circuit when noise cancelling isnt required.Noise cancelling headphones can also help with hearing loss as they do not require the user to set such a high sound volume level to overcome out side noise.

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