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I have never tried quilling although I probably did as a child but didn’t realise that it had a name.
Hi, I am from India, and would love to seek your help in which sealant shall I use for sealing my quilling craft pendants and earrings to have a shine and stiffness.. Fab looking tutorial – I have just got back from buying quilling supplies so will be trying this later!!
Quilling earrings can be made in various designs and present lot of possible design options.
I recently bought this crimper tool (from Itsy Bitsy) and had to use it… I am sure this tool will henceforth be used in a lot of my cards and other quilling attempts, but here is my first. You are going to see this technique in many more cards, brooches and other paper jewelry in the days to come. A Beginner’s Guide To Paper Quilling Tools The thought of starting a new craft seems to be quite intimidating for most of us.
You can make a pair of elegant pink jhumkas with bright magenta beads and silver spacer beads. This tutorial shows how to make a pair of tightly quilled earrings using purple and magenta color quilled strips. Here is a tutorial on making a pair of quilled jhumkas with studs using paper quilling strips. Here is a pair of  quilling paper jhumkas made using quilling strips in red color and green crystal beads with an ethnic touch. A simple paper quilling coil can be converted into a jhumka to make your own pair of pretty earrings with a different style.
In this project, we attempt to make a wall hanging of quilled flowers and leaves in a simple and elegant pattern.

Bead earrings made with the typical five petal quilling flower in black and white – the colors that never go out of style!
This tutorial shows how a quilling poinsettia ornament can be made to add charm to your Christmas tree.
Tutorial to make a pair of quilling earrings made using strips of paper in a flower design.
It is a beautiful art of rolling narrow strips of paper into different patterns and designs. I first met Honey few months ago when I joined a collaborative ebook prokect – Make It Easy.
It really is easier than you think – I remember it from childhood and MUST give it another go myself! The big secret to using a topcoat is to do very thin coats allowing them to dry between applications. But since hoops are my favorite, this time I am going again with quilled hoop earrings – the difference being that crimped quilling strips are used for this pattern. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
It is not the fear of whether you will be able to excel in it or not, but the fear of lack of right tools to get started.
All you need is card board, card stock, quilling strips in required colors (preferably 5mm), quilling needle, scissors and glue. Looking at the flower made me try doing these pretty pair of earrings inspired by the pattern of Gerbera flowers… Let us head to the tutorial on Gerbera inspired quilled studs.
The steps are similar to some of the tutorials we saw earlier but these have a more complete and traditional look due to the studs.

The earrings pair made here uses paper quilling jhumkas and frosted daffodil beads in two mild colors. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Most of these will work for paper quilling to make it stiff, shiny, more durable, and water resistant.
You can choose the design that you think your audience would like and just keep improvising! In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
To begin with this fantastic paper craft, you simply need a quilling tool, glue, and quilling strips. These quilling shapes can be used in making accessories, as embellishment on cards and more! Combining circular or ring-like patterns with bee-hive quilling paves way for perfect earrings. But as you proceed further, you need to invest in quilling tools to excel in this craft to complete some fantastic projects like wall art, home decor, jewelry, painting, photo frames and more. With colored papers of diverse textures, one can craft attractive bracelets, necklace and earrings.

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