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Looking through these Hobo Spider Bite pictures will help you identify if this is the insect you were actually bitten by.
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Number and distribution of pests and entomophages of fruit and berry cultures in different agricultural zones of the USSR. Proceedings of Session of Transcaucasian Board to coordination research works on plant protection. Females hibernate under the outer bud scales and inside cracks at base of one year old sprouts. Galls on the lower leaf surface are covered with a felt-like layer, which is white at first and brownish later.
The Grape Erineum Mite gives 5-11 generations in Moldova, 7-10 in Transcaucasia, 3-4 in Kazakhstan.
The air temperature about 22-25°C and air humidity 40% are the most favorable conditions for the mites.

Maximal adult and nymph density happens at the stage of grape growth, amounting to 240-840 specimens per leaf. Mites damaging terminal buds cause shortening of internodes and zigzag growth of young shoots.
Cultivation of resistant varieties of vine is an important preventive control measure against the C.

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