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We highly encourage you to update your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or use another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Most of the piercers of the malls undergo very little training of about two weeks and that also by watching other piercers and practicing on soft toys. So, although they claim that they have not received much complaints but it is needless to say, this process is not at all safe.
SterilizationSterilization is the most important concern when we are talking about piercing. As we cannot sterilize piercing guns in an autoclave because they are made of plastic, there is a great chance of cross contamination. Although the piercing guns are wiped with alcohol or antiseptic in between uses, we cannot say with confidence that it removes the disease carrying blood completely.
Now you may say that the gun doesn’t come in direct contact with your skin while piercing, so the problem of contamination may not arise. But you must keep in mind that the piercer touches your skin and then touches the gun, thus contaminating it.

There is also a chance of tiny particles of blood being dispersed into the air if the skin starts to bleed when the piercing gun stud drives through the flesh.2.
When a piercing gun is used, even a blunt stud is forced through the skin, thus ripping it in order to make room for the jewelry. Moreover, by turning the jewelry a couple of times a day, growing bacteria is pushed further into the wound, thus causing infection.3.
TrainingThe two week training of a mall-piercer is nothing in front of a professional body piercer who had gone through a training of almost two or three years. They know how to avoid hitting the nerves so that you don’t have to suffer from severe pain. Moreover, they have knowledge about cross contamination prevention and proper sterilization techniques. Instead of forcing a blunt stud through your skin, needle piercing involves a hollow and extremely sharp piercing needle which slices through the skin and makes room for the jewelry by safely pushing aside the skin.
Use of skin friendly jewelryProfessional piercing shops use jewelry like barbells and captive beads rings, which are designed in such a way that it removes dirt and bacteria, thus helping the healing process.

As full movement of the jewelry is allowed, it becomes much easier to clean without pushing more germs into the wound. Metals used in these special jewelry is skin friendly and doesn’t cause any reaction. It is better to pay some extra money rather than compromising with your safety and well being. Moreover, professional body piercers will answer all sorts of follow up questions that might arise in your mind and they are far more experienced than the mall piercers.

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