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Scaffold   –   This is basically two helix piercings with a long barbell passing through both holes, it is also known as an industrial . Tragus    –    The tragus is a fairly popular piercing involving the thick oval of cartilage that juts out directly in front of the ear canal.
Conch    –     This is the large expanse of cartilage that forms the back of the ear. Rook   –  This is an ear cartilage piercing located in the highest fold of ear cartilage, between the daith and the ear-rim. Eyebrow   –  Typically pierced horizontally through the eyebrow anywhere along the ridge. Nostril     –   A standard nostril piercing is done with a smaller needle but i find that its simplier to do it with the gun like ear lobes. Septum    –    This is a piercing that goes through the nasal septum in the middle of the nose. Monroe   –   A Monroe piercing, named for the original beauty mark queen, Marilyn Monroe. Medusa  –  A Medusa piercing is the opposite of a labret piercing, located in the direct center of the upper lip. Tongue   –   A standard tongue piercing is a straight barbell through the center of the tongue. Nipple    –   A nipple piercings can be at any angle but its most commonly placed horizontally at the base of the nipple. Navel    –    A navel, or belly button piercing, passes through the rim of the navel. Micro Dermal   –   A micro dermal can be placed anywhere on your body, it consists of a metal plate being inserted under the skin and a jewel disc is screwed into the plate. From rockstars to advance men, metrosexuals to rurosexuals, brawny hunks to boys next door, ear piercings for men is no more off-limits.

Ear Lobe Piercing: If you're going for piercing for the first time, go for this one as it is the most common type of ear piercing for guys. Helix Piercing: Unlike other types of piercings where a piercing gun can be used too, only a sterile needle can be used to pierce the helix, in the upper cartilage of the ear. Conch Piercing: Inner or outer, both ways, the piercing is done at the center of the ear cartilage. Industrial Piercing: This one's yet to become prominent among masses, as it calls for a lot of care, and takes at least a year to heal.
Rook Piercing: It is done on the thick cartilage lying between the inner and the outer conch of the year, above the ear canal.
Daith Piercing: It's the sassiest addition to the class of cool ear piercings, and indeed, complicated. Maintain proper hygiene both prior to and post getting pierced as freshness renders an all new vigor to your new experience of getting pierced. A barbell is the most common jewellery worn in this piercing but a large ring can also be worn.
A Monroe is located in the upper lip, slightly off-center to mimic the look of a beauty mark or mole. Although typically done just above the navel on the top ridge, belly button piercings can go anywhere around the outside of the navel. The lobe is punctured, and either a barbell or a stud is an appropriate choice to adorn it.
Since it is done in the inner cartilage of the ear, it takes lesser time to heal in comparison to a tragus piercing. It is done in the upper cartilage of the ear, and a single piercing is made to pass through two holes. It is somewhat painful as the needle passes through the thick cartilage, and may take up to a year to heal.

It is primarily done in the outer rim of the cartilage of the ear, which lies closest to the head. However, make sure you have a high level of tolerance for the pain (apologies for terrifying you!).
Just keep a note of the points under ear piercing aftercare, and I'm sure you'll enjoy changing studs and earrings every once in a while. It is pierced with a curved barbell but once fully healed most people change it for a J bar.
Just so you know, the art of piercing among men has been predominant for thousands of years now, and the Holy Bible has a reference to ear piercing too. Guys who're audacious enough can go for this one as it is meticulously done on the cartilage flap, and looks simply awesome. Therefore, I'll conclude my piece of information on men's ear piercings, and would suggest you to 'pierce' the boring stuff, thereby, introducing that vogue in your style! Today, ear piercing is looked upon as a fashionable and trendy accessory that makes a personal statement, and not as some amulet to shove away monsters or Satan!
Many male hip-hop artists have as many as ten to fifteen piercings which they accessorize differently. Over the years, ear piercings for guys have become a state-of-the-art acclamation with various styles of piercings being done at various locations on the ear.

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