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According to the owner at Iicon Piercing Co., this shop is the only Sacramento piercing studio that does nothing but body piercings. It is likely that any research into piercing studios will lead you to the Queen of Arts Tattoo & Piercing Studio. Established in 2002, Ancient Ink Tattoos and Piercings has a loyal following of tattoo and piercing enthusiasts. The Exotic Body opened in March of 1990 and the only services offered were body piercings and modifications until it added tattooing in 1999. Pop star Pink has a pierced body part that years ago wasn`t commonly thought of as an ideal place for an ring or a stud.
Singer Kelis proudly sports what appears to be a metallic mustache but is actually just a connection between her variously pierced body parts.
Lady Gaga`s legendary piercings are known only to those who, shall we say, are on an intimate and familiar basis with the pop singer. Scarlett Johansson has her nose pierced in a way that very likely symbolizes a rejection of conventional social mores.
Swiss pop singer Stefanie Heinzmann is an up-and-coming star, which is another way of saying you`ve probably never heard of her. From his tattoos to his strangely colored hair to his odd collection of piercings, Dennis Rodman has never been accused of being a boring -- or, for that matter, normal -- person. Former Mickey Mouse Club member Christina Aguilera has drifted to the dark side in recent years, becoming something like the bad girl of pop music. There was a time when lip piercings were for odd people who hung around dark alleys and asked for spare change. Once a person decides to get their ears, or any body part pierced, the next question is where to go.

Amber Barajas opened the shop on January 8, 2011, and so far it already has a large fan base that raves about both tattoos and piercing. The owner and lead piercer, Irish Cash, has been piercing bodies for over 13 years and has an extremely loyal customer base  Irish bought the shop in 1996 and makes sure the place is clean, well equipped and has skilled people working. But thanks to forward thinking rock and roll icons like Pink, you could someday be trying to talk your daughter or sons out of getting their nipples pierced. It`s easy to imagine anyone objecting to this look if they have traditional ideas of womanhood or if they`re standing behind her at the airport metal detector. This may seem like an odd choice to place a stud, but I suppose things could have gotten stranger when you consider that the famed actress had three other cheeks she could have gotten pierced as well. For those of you under the age of thirty, Rihanna is a pop singer very popular with your kids. And what better way to document that drift than to get pierced in a place that could give your grandmother a stroke.
These days, lip piercings are for supermodels like Amber Rose, who probably don`t hang around dark alleys and ask for anything because she`s rich. Between inking his body up with strange tattoos and piercing himself in places that look simply painful, one wonders when this hip hop recording star finds time to actually record hip hop music. Like many of the shops in the Sacramento region, Iicon uses Facebook as its main webpage to post daily updates, photos and sale prices. As a testament to its great employees, customers return time and time again to get more body art done. In addition to body art and modifications, the Exotic Body has a huge selection of body jewelry including some with Swarovski Crystals. This view is probably as close as we`ll get to confirming her pierced status without having to buy her dinner first.

But it also makes her look like someone who can`t blink without being in an awful lot of pain. Thankfully it is most common among people who have the kinds of bellies you actually want to see.
It is a good idea to go to someone who is experienced and knows what he or she is doing. You want to find places that have a good reputation, have a clean well-lit environment and have piercing experts that can help you select the jewelry appropriate for your piercing. It makes sense that Irish would want customers to feel at home when getting a tattoo or piercing since they will have a much better experience overall.
As a special treat, customers getting a tattoo or piercing on their birthday also receive a free t-shirt. You also need to know that they will pierce the right location and give you advice on how to care for you new piercing. Iicon Piercing employees do take walk-in customers but it is recommend you make an appointment.
You should be aware that there is a sign on the door restricting persons under 14 from entering the studio. If you are not an adult, the law in California since 1997 says you must be at least 18 years of age to get a body piercing.
Also, this studio provides male and female piercers for those customers that have a preference. Piercings can only be given to youth between 16-18 if their parent or guardian is present, or with a notarized written note.

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