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So last evening turned into a creative storage DIY session (got to put some engineering into practice) and here's the result.
So here I chose to make an earring box because my earrings always get tangled up and this is a perfect plan to keep them safe and separated. I spent a good deal of Memorial Day using vintage plastic flowers and vintage millinery flowers as the main feature of these corsages or flowers pins, if you prefer. I drew the stems through a small slit in two pieces of interfaced fabric--some vintage some new--which a trimmed with scalloped-edged pinking shears.
We travelled the 3 plus hours to Virginia's Northern Neck to the family cottage on a river off the Chesapeake Bay. Old fashioned bottles of icy cold RC Cola, a radio you need to crank to make it work, a wise owl keeping seagulls at bay, and metal lawn chairs which are too rusty to sit on but are so nice with their blue color they are worth keeping--the cinder blocks keep them from washing away if the tide gets too high. Early in the morning the beach captures the sunrise~~I just love waking up before everyone else and having the river to myself.
Now, I couldn't end this Memorial Day post without showing off~~forgive my bragging~~what I fou8nd at the numerous yard sales we encountered out in the country side.
Today I had a few errands to run and one of them was very close to my neighborhood antique shop. The Atlantic City teacup and saucer will be put to good use as homes for my pin cushion creations.
When I saw these chenille and bead critters in the store today, I hastily remembered my copy of ME Home Companion.
I'm spending the day haunting thrift stores, doing my own thing until hubby and son come home from work and school. Ribbon, stunning plastic flowers, glitter, paper flags and unbrellas, teeny glittery hoiliday bells and baubles~~~OH MY! I was up at 4:45 this morning so I could have time to send email and talk to my BFF Suzy on the phone. So, at 6:15 I started, with a HUGE amount of help from my dear hubby, hauling stuff outdoors. Yesterday I had a long morning of yard sales, which yielded one cute vintage dog brooch and a box of Chirstmas ornaments for my BFF Suzy.
I spent thursday morning making a little something for my mother, which I mailed that afternoon. I took a wonderful photograph of my mother (on the left) and my grandmother taken in  about 1952 when my mother was a senior in high school. My grandmother used rick rack to decorate the dresses she made, and the blue rick rack was some of hers.

Your feedback helps to improve the contents of my blog and helps me decide which direction I should be heading. Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products. I took the plastic flowers apart and with floral wire restrung the pieces combining them with the vintage millinery flowers, vintage buttons, glass beads, charms, and bits and pieces of vintage costume jewelry which needed a new purpose! I made three flowers stems for each corsage and wrapped the stems together to make a very lush display. Later it will come alive with a hive of activity on the water of speedboats, jetskis, sailboats, and waterskiers. Now, my critters aren't 100% chenille, but I think they might have been made in the 50's or early 60's.
It's going to be a wonderful relaxing day culminating with real birthday cake (yellow cake and buttercream icing) and Chinese food! Our dog, Sheila, went crazy on her bench by the living room window every time we had a four-legged guest.
If I've been to a restaurant before, I order the same thing from the menu everytime I go back. My husband says he wants to powerwash and stain the deck, but everytime he looks at all of the plants, I think he changes his mind. I spent some time on the back deck reading Fannie Flagg's latest book Can't Wait To Get To Heaven. Today I took my favorite savory dish to my son's middle school for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.
I'm aiming to come up with an innovative idea of what you can do with the leftovers of a nice box every time I receive one. I remembered that I had just seen a bag of vintage costume jewelry in another bedroom, which Mom had picked up at an estate sale.
Is your mom noticing any water splashing out of the shower because there is a curtain instead of a door?
My parents were at the airport when she came in, and my mother swears the queen waved at ONLY her through her limo.
Here are a few pics of our sale (they were taken around 8:30, and yard salers had been there for over an hour before so there's alot of stuff already sold by the time I could pull out the camera). I'm very sorry about the picture quality as I don't have a nice camera so most the pictures were taken using crappy iPad and phone cameras.
Shame on you, Lowes, you lose mega points off your otherwise near-perfect score for overall wonderfulness for this ridiculousness.) We changed our mind to go with a shower curtain, rather than a sliding glass door, to give my mom more space to maneuver in the relatively narrow shower area.

She totally approved of the fact that I replaced the stock toilet flushing lever with a satin-nickel one from Moen. We have a much smaller space to work with and I really would rather not have a door (I hate cleaning them because I never feel like I can get them clean enough). Nothing lost (no holes drilled, no big investment) if you decide to go witih the shower door later. It had been a long time since we had a Memorial Day weekend with such Summer perfect temperatures! Don't tell Suzy, but I put the rice cooker she gave me in the yard sale and sold it to the oldest woman in the world for $4. He didn't find anything useful either, like another tool he doesn't need, BUT he did let his eyes linger on a wrecked up go-kart, and if we had his truck instead of my Beetle, I bet that go-kart would be in our backyard right now! The metal church from Ulm, Germany will join other metal souvenir buildings in my collection. Judy Blume was my hero in middle school, and the Bee Gees were super popular when I was in high school. So if you want to make your own Caramel Cake~~~So Yummy!~~~check out Fannie Flagg's Can't Wait To Get To Heaven on Amazon or your local library.
It can be a little embarrasing to dig through trash in one's own neighborhood in broad daylight, but it was early enough and besides I saw PINK! We live 3 hours away from each other, and we were thrilled that the weather was going to be great for both of our neighborhoods which were both hosting neighborhood-wide yard sales.
I had all of the ingredients on hand and decided right then and there to make a Caramel Cake! I'm not sure what to do with the vintage baby shower gift enclosures, but I'll think of something! My clever Mom took a door and set it on a few cinderblocks to make a low table which she covered in red crepe paper.
Bake in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour, until the casserole is golden brown and potatoes are tender.

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