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New research findings recently published in the Biophysical Journal showed that the venom of wasp species Polybia paulista can target cancerous cells and attack its cell membrane, ultimately leading to cell death.
Scientists are currently exploring the possibility of using the venom in developing novel chemotherapy regimens in the future. This plant has been used as an ingredient of bread and drinks for many years, but now scientists have found out that it can be also used as a treatment for cancer and infertility. It belongs to the spurge family of plants and can be found in the areas around South America. Consuming this plant daily will surely strengthen your bones and positively affect your immune system.
It aids weight gain, prevents diabetes, positively affects circulation and the red blood cell count, prevents birth problems, controls the body fluid balance, lowers the cholesterol level, improves the digestion, protects the bones, prevents Alzheimer’s disease and prevents cardiovascular diseases.
If you ask yourself how it is possible for this plant to eliminate cancer, we will tell you that it is a rich source of vitamin B17 – a powerful cancer fighter.
When the vitamin B17 touches the cancer cell enzyme, it is broken down to one sugar, one benzaldehyde and one hidrcyanic acid, so the cancer cell is locally killed.
Dr Marc Pellegrini (L), Dr Greg Ebert and colleagues have developed a new treatment for chronic hepatitis B infections that is entering clinical trials. Dr Marc Pellegrini, Dr Greg Ebert and colleagues developed the new treatment in collaboration with TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, US. The new treatment uses TetraLogic Pharmaceutical's drug birinapant, which triggers the breakdown of proteins that prevent infected cells from self-destructing.
Dr Pellegrini said the new treatment had the potential to revolutionise the way chronic HBV infections were treated. Based on his crucial research, Dr Pellegrini is the key scientific and clinical advisor for the clinical study that is now underway. A single protein may tip the balance between ridding the body of a dangerous virus and enduring life-long chronic infection, according to a report appearing in The Journal of Experimental Medicine. New research reports that the rate of hospitalization due to hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection has significantly declined in the U.S.
All patients with hepatitis C who receive a liver transplant will eventually infect their new livers.
Two mouse models of Zika virus infection in pregnancy have been developed by a team of researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Malaria infects hundreds of millions of people every year, and kills more than half a million, most of them under the age of 5 years.
An Australian research study with children who suffer from peanut allergies offers hope for a long-term cure.
A trial where children were given an oral probiotic treatment combined with small doses of peanut has returned convincing results, Health Direct reports. The regime was developed by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne who conducted the trial with more than 60 children with peanut allergies. Peanut allergy is usually lifelong and is the most common cause of death from food-induced anaphylactic shock, but the findings have positive implications for other food allergies as well. Whilst all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy of material contained on this website, HCF does not assume any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage due to any inaccuracy or omission or as a result of your reliance on this website.
New guidelines from the American Academy of Neurology suggest that Botox can be used as a “safe and effective” way to treat chronic migraine headaches, among other neurological disorders.

Botulinum toxin has long been used as a chemical “fountain of youth,” allowing users to smooth out their wrinkles and age lines.
This marks the first time the American Academy of Neurology updated its guidelines since 2008. CWTS veteran Matt Crafton wins first-ever race at DoverAs a veteran of the Camping World Truck Series, Matt Crafton is definitely a household name for those who follow it. The antimicrobial peptide aptly known as Polybia-MP1 which was extracted from the venom of Polybia paulista was found to inhibit numerous types of cancerous cells. It has also been found that the venom is selective in the sense that it doesn’t target noncancerous cells! Meanwhile, it would be best for us not to go and kill off the wasps hovering around during our picnics, now that we know that they’re the dark horse in cancer research. Mahinot esculenta is the scientific name of the plant which most of the people know as cassava or manioc. It was also discovered that this plant can cure other things such as: infertility, arthritis and headaches. What is more, an extract from this plant called tapioca is very useful and can treat many other diseases and health conditions. When the vitamin B17 mixes with an enzyme called Rhodanese, it is broken down into three sugars. The clinical trial will be held at sites across Australia and New Zealand, including Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland.
Although a vaccine has been available since 1982, more than two billion people worldwide are infected with the virus. Dr Pellegrini said these proteins, known as 'inhibitors of apoptosis proteins' (IAPs), can be targeted to allow infected cells to die. The study is sponsored by TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals Corporation in collaboration with Nucleus Network in Melbourne and hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. These transplanted organs then require anti-viral treatment before they become severely damaged.
Eighty per cent of the children who received the treatment were able to tolerate peanuts after the end of the 18-month study period. The information provided on this website is general information only and may not be suitable to your individual circumstances or health needs. It works as an agent to block substances from being emitted by nerve endings, which reduces muscle contraction and pain signal transmission, resulting in a more youthful appearance for users.
David Simpson of the Icahn School of Medicine, chronic migraine is defined as a condition where sufferers have migraines for at least half of a given month. At that time, the group did not have enough information to make any recommendations for chronic migraine sufferers.
But strangely enough, the two-time CWTS champion had never won at Dover International Speedway until Friday’s victory.
How awesome is that? And to further add to its badassery, the venom also exhibited bactericidal activities against bacteria. The root of the plant is rich in calcium and vitamin C and the leaves of this plant are full of lysine, proteins and beta-carotene. When it comes to the cancer cell, the enzyme called beta-glucosidase, breaks the vitamin B17 into hydrocynadic acid, glucose and benzaldehyde. Most patients will recover from the disease, but 5-10 per cent of patients will develop a chronic infection, with children most at risk.

You should obtain advice from your health professional before making any dietary, medical, or other health decisions as a result of the information on this website. But, according to new research, Botox can also be safe and effective against four neurological disorders, namely chronic migraine, adult spasticity, cervical dystonia, and blepharospasm. Spasticity in adults is muscle tightness that usually takes place after a stroke, making movements in sufferers difficult. But with the new data culled by researchers, it can now be said that Botox can offer mild, if not marked relief, for those who suffer from chronic migraines. With a strong performance at the second half of the Jacob Companies 200 at the Monster Mile,…Marlins, Pirates express concern on Zika ahead of Puerto Rico seriesThe Miami Marlins and the Pittsburgh Pirates publicly aired out their concerns this week about a two-game series in Puerto Rico in May, due to the ongoing Zika outbreak. For a breakfast she usually consumed boiled cassava and for dinner and supper she ate it as a curry. More than 780,000 people die every year from complications associated with chronic hepatitis B infection, including cirrhosis and liver cancer. Cervical dystonia is a brain disorder that impairs control of the neck muscles, causing involuntary head or neck movements.
So far, it seems to be all systems go, as Major League Baseball, the Marlins, and the Pirates all expect the games to take place on May…New Surfing Technology on the HorizonWith millions of surfers around the world, the prospect of technology that enhances the surfing experience will attract interest. Lastly, blepharospasm is a movement disorder that forces one’s eyes to close uncontrollably. As many runners, hikers and bikers embrace Fitbits and Apple Watches, it won’t come as much of a surprise that the tech niche for surfers is close behind. Mix the liquid which the cassava plants were previously soaked with another liquid such as fruit juice or clear water. THE DISORDER IS NAMED FOR THE SICKLE OR CRESCENT-SHAPED CELLS THAT CUTS DOWN HOW MUCH OXYGEN GETS TO BODY TISSUES. DAMIANO RONDELLI: THERE IS A WAY TO DO A BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT FROM A DONOR WITHOUT USING ANY CHEMOTHERAPY. DAMIANO RONDELLI: SICKLE CELL HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR A LONG TIME, BUT MANY PATIENTS DID NOT QUALIFY FOR THAT PROCEDURE OR WERE CONSIDERED TO BE TOO SICK TO TOLERATE A PROCEDURE THAT HAD CHEMOTHERAPY INVOLVED. THIS NEWS SHOULD CHANGE COMPLETELY THE WORLD OF SICKLE CELL BECAUSE A LOT OF PATIENTS MAY HAVE THIS CHANCE.

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