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Perhaps your heart started pounding faster, as mine did, when you read the now-infamous hate letter sent to the mom of 13-year-old Max, who has autism. Their community in Ontario, Canada has rallied around them and local police continue to investigate. We can sit around fuming and despairing over the special needs haters of the world, or we can do whatever's in our power to help people better understand and respect those with special needs.
The other week, Max had a sensory meltdown in a restaurant and let out a piercing screech.

When Dave took Max for a walk, I leaned over, apologized and said he had special needs and sensory issues. One woman asked what about the restaurant had prompted that reaction, and we got into a discussion about how a new setting, the din in the room and even dim lighting could unnerve Max. But looking at this picture I have admit that the old plates look a lot better…The cardigan I was suppose to finish last winter is still without sleeves. Sometimes, all you can do is focus on calming your child (and yourself) down; sometimes, you can help people understand where it's coming from.

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