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Arteriovenous fistula at the left temporal pole, supplied by the middle menigeal artery and drained by cortical veins. The exact drainage pathways in this case have to be elucidated by digital subtraction arteriography (DSA).
The first pure Interventional, Neuro-Interventional and Vascular practice in Northern California. Physicians involved : Reza Malek MD, Harmeet Sachdev MD, Kenneth Blumenfeld MD, Jorge Contreras MD.

MRI: revealed increased blood vessel flow voids in the left temporo-pariatal region suggesting an AVM. These layers provide protection for the brain, the outermost layer is called the dura matter.
They can be formed in these conditions, head injury, open surgery and clotting and blockage of the dural sinuses. She reports worsening headaches, some facial pain with left eye pain and occasional visual disturbance.

A micro catheter  was advanced through the guide catheter  into the left sigmoid sinus for trans-venous embolization.
A total of twenty coils by  Boston Scientific and J & J were used with diameters ranging between 7-12mm and lengths of 20 –30cm to completely obliterate this shunt.

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