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Lizzie Fortunato is a NYC-based accessories line designed by Elizabeth Fortunato and operated by her twin sister Kathryn. Violet is a place for exceptional things: white walls, friendly chats and the scent of roses.
In 2008 twin sisters Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato started an adventure in found, reclaimed and precious materials. Lizzie's statement jewellery fuses found, reclaimed and precious materials (think coco bolo wood from Central America and seashells collected on a remote Costa Rican beach) in fashion forward silhouettes.

They wanted to create unique accessories that champion handicraft from a range of places and cultures, with inspiration from Morocco, Turkey and India to name a few. We love making new friends so while we're popping bottles, stay tuned for a welcome email with your $10 credit. Owner Genevieve Allen focuses on curating pieces that celebrate color, individual style and a sense of humor.
Today their jewelry and leather goods are featured on cool girls and in magazine photo shoots all over the world.

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