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If there's one thing more satisfying than picking one's nose, it's shoving a finger or Q-tip deep into your ear canal and emerging with that big hunk of wax which has been muffling your hearing for the last few weeks.
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Now ear cleaning is usually part of a multi-tasked routine -- you dig around in there while watching TV, taking a bath, or sitting in a meeting -- but if you'd like to take your aural hygiene to the next level of fun and excitement, Japan's Coden has just the tools to kick it up a notch.

Imagine if you can the wild and crazy times you could have with the company's line of Ear Scopes, which combine a pick with a small video camera and allow you to actually watch what's going on while you scrape around and try to avoid puncturing your eardrum. The GXL model comes with a personal eyepiece which is employed in the manner pictured above, while the Ear Scope TV sports a separate LCD screen for a bigger view and possible screening sessions for your weirdo friends.
The 'Scopes start at about 16,800 yen ($140), but the hours of enjoyment you'll get from viewing your own ear pr0n are priceless.

Also, if anyone owns one of these, please send us some screencaps of your favorite picking sessions: we'll take the best action shots and post 'em up in a gallery.

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