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You can make a pair of elegant pink jhumkas with bright magenta beads and silver spacer beads. This tutorial shows how to make a pair of tightly quilled earrings using purple and magenta color quilled strips. Here is a tutorial on making a pair of quilled jhumkas with studs using paper quilling strips. Here is a pair of  quilling paper jhumkas made using quilling strips in red color and green crystal beads with an ethnic touch.
A simple paper quilling coil can be converted into a jhumka to make your own pair of pretty earrings with a different style. This tutorial shows how bead earrings can be made with crystal beads and a tight quilling paper coil.
Tutorial to make a pair of quilling earrings made using strips of paper in a flower design.

Quilling earrings can be made in various designs and present lot of possible design options.
Following our studs inspired by the Gerbera flower, here is a pretty pair of quilled studs inspired by the small yet beautiful Hydrangea flowers. Looking at the flower made me try doing these pretty pair of earrings inspired by the pattern of Gerbera flowers… Let us head to the tutorial on Gerbera inspired quilled studs. This is my first attempt at making something using Susan’s beehive quilling technique as well! The steps are similar to some of the tutorials we saw earlier but these have a more complete and traditional look due to the studs. The earrings pair made here uses paper quilling jhumkas and frosted daffodil beads in two mild colors. The technique is simple and this can be extended with different bead and quilling combinations.

But since hoops are my favorite, this time I am going again with quilled hoop earrings – the difference being that crimped quilling strips are used for this pattern.
You will need quilling strips, jump rings, earring hooks and two pearls to make this earring. The technique of quilling used is simple and you need just some basic earring making findings for this project. Here is how you could make petal structures using a regular comb (no I haven’t used the quilling comb).

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