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We're flying through states now at a rate of knots; getting the merest glimpse into their true identities, snap shots on the way to Florida. Oklahoma came and went in a handful of days but managed to make quite an impression for all that.
A short walk up through the craggy slopes of Little Baldy rewards us with our first armadillo sighting of the day.
The long snout moves independently, sniffing out tasty morsels to the right and left, the naked tip protruding beyond the plating, quivering in anticipation of the next snackette.
As we continued east through the Native American State, the southern prairie gave way to the wooded hills and we stopped at Robbers Cave State Park, where the cloud drifted down into the treetops but then relented for one day in a reprieve that allowed us out on the trails and headed for the cave. Folklore has it that Jesse and Frank James used it as a hideout although closer reading of the park pamphlets and information boards somewhat undermines this myth.
I can't claim to have a good sense of the state; small towns along the way blurred into an amalgamation, the landscape leaving the most lasting impressions with the clear feeling of being in a transitional place, moving from west to east.
Living close to wind farms can lead to a greater risk of heart disease, panic attacks and migraines, according to a study.
There are 219 wind farms in Britain, and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has plans for around 4,000 extra turbines to be installed. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Does footage of a 1995 Mike Tyson fight show a ‘time traveller’ using a smartphone to record the bout? In the flatness of the eastern plains the so-called Wichita Mountains are the remaining shadows of an ancient granite range, eroded into the gently rolling hills that today have been claimed as a National Wildlife Refuge.

The large ear lobes look surprisingly naked and exposed at the top of the head twitching in response to any noise that might represent a threat.
A small group of Bison hold us up as they cross the road around us, mostly uninterested save the matriarch who gives a long and penetrating stare as though we might need reminding who is boss here. The farms can cause 'wind turbine syndrome', the symptoms of which also include tinnitus, vertigo and sleep deprivation, research to be published later this year claims. Dr Pierpoint, a fellow of the American Academy of Paediatrics, believes turbines are dangerous because the low frequency sounds they emit interfere with the ear's vestibular system, which controls our sense of balance. But she said: 'There is no doubt that my clinical research shows that the infrasonic to ultrasonic noise and vibrations emitted by wind turbines cause the symptoms which I am calling wind turbine syndrome.
Modest rounded outcrops look down from the crests onto undulating grassland yellowed and rusted by the winter weather. The visual world is not their domain, the small eyes remaining virtually closed in the daytime light. The herd are split by gender at this time of year, single bulls wandering on their own, sometimes accompanied by young apprentices, learning the ropes. So the story itself is somewhat transparent, and the cave turned out to be little more than a hole in the rock, although it was nestled in a deeply eroded outcrop that was fun to scramble through.
These sounds - which are too low frequency for the human ear to hear - cause a group of symptoms she calls 'visceral vibratory vestibular disturbance', or VVVD. Small lakes fill the hollows, surrounded by bare deciduous trees, last years leaves thick underfoot.
Her armour plated coat fits snugly around her neck, articulated across the centre of her back, her legs visible beneath the hem of the overcoat, the back ones a huge pair of excavating tools, ready to dig at a moments notice.

The elk on the other hand are obvious in their male dominated harem groups nibbling away at the dried grass, catching the last of the afternoon sun while not far away, Longhorn Cattle sit down on the job, blending in perfectly with the rust tinged vegetation. They cause problems such as quivering, nervousness, fear, a compulsion to flee, chest tightness and tachycardia or increased heart rate.
She is generally unconcerned about us, stopping now and again to listen and sniff but by and large sensing that we mean no harm, allowing us to watch as she goes about her business. These moments are always special, giving us a little piece of treasure to take away in our hearts and our minds eye. Most scientists believe there is no health risk from wind turbines, saying her analysis is based on a sample size which is far too small to draw any conclusions. But she has received backing for her findings, with Professor Lord May, former chief scientific adviser to the Government, describing her research as 'impressive, interesting and important'. And Dr Christopher Hanning, founder of the British Sleep Society, said the research should be required reading for all planners considering wind farms.
A spokesman for the British Wind Energy Association said: 'An independent study on wind farms and noise in 2007 found only four complaints from around 2,000 turbines in the country. It is not surprising that, according to a recent report, 94 per cent of people who live near wind turbines are in favour of them.

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