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If I go one point lower they will admit me to the hospital for a few days and give me IV potassium. Hi Amy, I just stumbled on your website through a friend checking out some of your wonderful homemade ideas! I’ve been following your story for about a year and was glad to hear the positive reports thus far. Hi Amy,I am glad you got some answers for your feeling under the weather, I will pray that you are able to keep thos potassium levels up!

Join me as I learn from yesterday & strive to live an intentional life that is slow, simple, healthful, meaningful, real and full.
I also struggle with the side effects from this drug and feel that it has aged me rapidly along with a weight gain of about 15 pounds that wont budge which before tamoxifin I was always able to control my weight.
The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.
The bananas and various other natural helpers do some, and I occasionally pop a potassium supplement.

Going in to have IV potassium for a short time might be better than being in bed sick for a longer time.
You are a strong mama and I pray for you that your girls get to have you in their lives for a very long time and you are there to share their various future rites of passage.

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