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If you are opting for the trendy chop this year, then you can’t neglect to switch up your hair color.
If you have a warmer complexion and want to lighten up your locks then this is a great option for you. If you are going to light your hair and you have the warm glow, then this is a color to be considered.
If you have the cool or even neutral skin tones, skip the honey colors and choose light ash brown or a neutral light brown color. The perfect mix of neutral and statement, our oval red tiger's eye stones in the popular Danielle Earrings are a coveted classic.

You’ve probably seen many African American celebrities lighten up their darker tresses this year.
Ask your colorist for a light brown base and add strawberry highlights to enhance your warm undertones.
However, if you want too add dimension with highlights then choose a cool platinum color to really accent your skins complexion. If you are worried about the commitment, how it might look, or the expense of maintaining the color then just add highlights allover. The lighter hair shades compliments darker skin colors and really draws attention to your stylish hair and makes your eye color pop.

Pay attention to your undertones when choosing the right hair color but here are a few suggestions.
You can even a few soft redder highlights throughout the hair to really blend and add dimension. The natural colors look great on African American hair, it will warm up your whole look and your eyes will really pop.

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