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Though you can easily remove most pierced earrings, in some instances what should be a simple task becomes difficult. Place hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab and apply it around the earring post, the back and on the earring itself. Hold the front of the earring between your fingers and roll it around in your ear to make sure it's loose and ready to be removed when the back is off the post.
Grasp the back of the earring with your other hand while you continue to hold the front of the earring. Use two fingers to gently pull the hoop apart at the connection, making the distance between the ends wide enough to pull it off your ear without tearing the ear. Hold the earring steady with one hand, and with the other hand use your thumb to lift up on the end of the snap post that fastens the earring.
After removing earrings from the ear, wash the posts immediately with soapy water, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
With the popularity of body art, surgeons are seeing more and more patients with problems with piercings, gauged earlobes and tattoos.  Some people want them reversed and some have actual problems where the piercing is grown into the tissues and cannot be removed. The photos below show a patient after treatment for scars from cheek piercing.  The darkness is temporary pigmentation from the laser healing and will resolve. Earrings come in many sizes, metals and variations, as do their counterparts, earring backs.

Taking a nose ring out of a pierced nose can be challenging if you do not have much experience.
When you have your ears pierced, the piercing professional uses a piercing gun to shoot the earring posts through your ears. Hopefully you were instructed by the piercer in how to care for your new jewelry.  Make sure it is cleaned daily with the antiseptic provided.
Alternatively, there is a better type of system that will not allow the over tightening of the earring.  This is a dome fastner, which  snaps  onto the shaft of the earring and cannot slide off at all. So take a look at your earrings, and those of your kids and check to see the method of closure.  If they have butterflies, remember to inspect the ears regularly to make sure there is no growth into the flesh. Who Is Marion Shaw?As a lifelong beauty industry professional, life is now all about the Business of Beauty.
If the earrings have been in for some time, or if they are beginner earrings used for the first piercing, removal can take some extra effort. Keeping the earring and ear area clean will help prevent bacteria from getting into the open piercing site, especially if the piercing is new. The back of piercing studs used to initially pierce the ear are notched, which makes them more difficult to remove. A post setting is a straight piece of metal a quarter of an inch long, which you push directly into the piercing in your ear. Swab the front and back of your ears, focusing on saturating the earring, particularly the earring back.

The ez-Release earring remover is designed specifically for difficult to remove stud or post style earrings including starters! This design is a safety feature, so the earrings don't fall off while the hole is being formed.
The earring back is what you slide onto the post in back of your ear to keep the entire earring in place. This will be slightly uncomfortable, but you should hear a click and the earring back will pop off.
The engagement tips allow you to easily hold onto virtually any butterfly earring back with two loops. For example, if you have been wearing the earrings daily without removing them for several days, or if these are earrings from your first ear piercing (called "piercers"), the backs might be difficult to remove.
Repeat with more hot water or alcohol if the earring back is loosened, but not ready to slide all the way off. However, there are things that you can do to make sure that you remove the backs without hurting yourself.

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