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It is a delightfully simple, yet truly beautiful little cuff that is super easy to wear and stays on very well, especially when worn on the forward helix, as shown in the 3rd picture, which is of the copper spiral up, and is shown only to display how it looks on the forward helix. I personally have trouble with my helix and cartilage piercings because they get easily ear-itated (ha!) whenever I use the wrong type of earring in them.

THEY COME IN SINGLE UNITS (ideal for helix piercings) so if you're getting them as studs you should probably get two that or mix-and-match them! This listing is for the 'bearry' special black and white panda as a surgical steel hypoallergenic stud type earring. I keep wearing the ones I made for myself and everyone compliments them or goes "OMG IS THAT AN ELEPHANT IN YOUR EAR!" and for the first time in my life I can answer that with a Yes.

They're more expensive than the other type, but the other type has cut my ear open before and is easy to put on the post wrong.

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