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So as I was watching this really simply yet hypnotizing dance I thought, wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if Kyary had her own kids show?
And she’d secretly play every character, from the Kawaii Princess to the Evil Eyelashes Queen to Untranslatable Alien #3 to Phone App Fairy Godmother.
She’d have competitions against robots and win through cheating, but then feel bad about it, and sing about the importance of honesty and good fashion sense. All too often, it seems to me like the most sensible approach to pop breeds curmudgeonliness.
Pika Pika Fantajin is a reminder that our foolish tendencies for music whose apparent purpose is arational uplift weren’t invented for ulterior motives, just appropriated for them. That devotion, austere in its own way, makes Kyary’s other commitments, namely to farce and fantasy, all the more compelling. El ultimo disco de Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Pika Pika Fantajin, que saldra a la venta en Japon el proximo 9 de Julio, tambien se pondra a la venta internacionalmente.
Siendo conscientes Warner Music Japan de la popularidad de la peculiar Kyary, han decidido poner su album a la venta en los siguientes paises: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Corea del Sur, Singapur, Malasia, Tailandia, Australia, Inglaterra, Francia, Alemania, Espana, Estados Unidos, Canada, y Mexico. La edicion vendra acompanada por tarjetas con las letras en ingles y un photobook de 20 paginas.
Seguramente recordareis que en 2014 ya hablamos de Megumi Igarashi, una artista japonesa que habia sido detenida por la policia por escanear su vagina en 3D y distribuir el archivo del escaneado.

The Uncanny Natural-ness of “Natural Makeup” By Japanese Young Females: How “Natural” Can They Be?
Experience Traditional Tea Ceremony at YANESEN, Offering a Variety of Plans for Sightseeing!
Indulge in the Authentic Taste of Takoyaki from Osaka at the Odaiba Takoyaki Museum in Tokyo! The Restaurant “Tsukiyo to Mori no Circus” Filled with Fascinating Magic and Illusion! Turns out the queen of all-that-glitters-and-then-tries-to-stab-you is holding her fourth auditions for child dancers to star in her next Japanese tour in October and November.
Han Ye Seul continues promoting Chanel in every single magazine pictorial where she is featured.
KPP is, after all, better known as a visual artist than anything else, her intercontinental fame being mainly the result of her music videos’ viral success. But what differentiates Pika Pika Fantajin from other confections is that I (and maybe only I) feel an unmistakable sincerity in its inauthenticity. There is also a audio commentary track with Kyary and artist Sebastian Matsuda giving additional insight into the events of that night. I'm a coffee addict, K-POP enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

In fact, it feels guiltless, almost a duty, to pay attention to an object crafted with a generosity toward its audience well beyond what’s necessary. The audition song is Ring a Bell and Kyary uploaded a video on the Warner Music Japan official YouTube showing the step-by-step choreography.
These cascades of emptied signifiers take place in increasingly macabre scenarios: a child late for work, a haunted castle, death and an animist underworld.
It’s hard not to feel assured and comforted by an artist who can see the horror in an artificial smile, especially one working in a system built just for that reaction. And every one of these subtly considered touches is a passing flourish on top of infectiously cheerful vocal lines that stick like glue, even in a foreign language. A delicate presence heaping fantasies atop illusions, melting imaginary anxieties into air. Rather than make any attempt at resembling reality, KPP makes escapes about escapism, and in so doing, she touches much deeper than stars who adopt the weight of real-world relevance into their performance identities. To see the all-sweetening effects of teen pop tunes played out so literally is to look absurdity in the false-lashed eye.

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