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The church bell dating to 1869 was taken down from the rooftop of the Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church in the Clarksville neighborhood of West Austin in a historic move to signal the restoration project of the church. Church Deacons from L-R: Doug Baylor, Ed Collins, Tim Higgins and Freddie Strong lift the bell and place it on its resting post for one last ringing before storing it inside the church during the restoration project. Church Deacons and elders gather for one last ringing of the bell by Deacon Freddie Strong.
Pastor Steve Manning joins hands in a prayer with those who came out ifter the lowering of the bell.

Display your jewels as if they were precious artifacts, kept safe within the confines of the glass dome. Workers Alex Cahue, left, and Miguel Pacheco, right, secure the bell out of the wooden tower and attach it to a crane for lowering to the ground.
Choose from eight styles, including a wishbone, anchor, hawk's foot, unicorn skull, triceratops skull, perched bird, dueling guns, and a deer antler with a raven's skull. Placed on your vanity, mantle, or on your coffee table, the Bells of the Ball Jewellery holders will add a touch of mystique and elegance to any space in your home.

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